Steve Harris home in $8000 armed robbery

Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris’ Bahamas home was raided by armed robbers last month, it’s been revealed.

Elderly caretaker Philip Pierre, who’s worked on the estate for 43 years, was left wounded and shaken as over $8000 of goods were stolen on the night of November 29.Sonisphere 2010 - Iron Maiden

Property manager Charles Beall tells Tribune242: “They assaulted Philip, put a knife on his throat and left him in a pool of blood, wrapped in duct tape.”

Construction firm owner Beall adds that his staff were “furious” after hearing about Pierre’s ordeal. “They’re hard-working, honest, loyal men who know this old man and love him,” he explains. “When I told them Philip was severely beaten and abused they canvassed the island. When we found out who the guys were we met with police, who did an outstanding job.”

Three men have been captured in relation to the crime and around $5000 of the stolen goods have been recovered. Beall says it’s a prime example of the community working together against violent crime, which he says is a serious problem in the Bahamas.

Harris has declined to comment on the drama. Maiden return to the UK to headline Sonisphere at Knebworth on July 4-6.

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