Ex-Anthrax Spitz in domestic violence arrest

danspitzFormer Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz was arrested on Christmas Day in connection with an alleged violent altercation with his wife at their Florida home.

Palm Beach County Sheriff paperwork suggests Spitz put his hands around spouse Candi’s neck and attempted to choke her, following an argument over a man she briefly dated while the couple were separated last year.

But she says she has no plans to press charged, describing the incident as “a big misunderstanding.”

The Spitzes have endured challenging times recently, with Dan, 50, suffering a series of health issues and the pair struggling with the effort of bringing up autistic twins – which partly inspired his return to music with current band Red Lamb.

Candi, 38, tells GossipExtra: “The stress level at home has been astronomical. Our children are both autistic and Dan may have early-onset Parkinson’s Disease.

“My mum should have never called 911. We were separated for a week last year and and Christmas Eve was the first anniversary. We were all drinking wine and he just snapped.”

She adds that the violent moment took place when he began packing a bag for her and she stood in his way. “No matter what’s in the police report he never hit me or tried to harm me. He did shove me, and unfortunately I bruised my shoulder.

“But come on – he’s five feet tall and 100 pounds, and I kickbox. He could never harm me if he tried.”

Spitz was released from jail after a night behind bars. Candi released a photo of the pair kissing during a visit to Miami Zoo following the incident.

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