Kiss Rock Hall reunion ‘unlikely’ says Stanley

paulstanleyKiss fans hoping for an original line-up reunion in April have been dealt a blow after frontman Paul Stanley said it was “unlikely” to happen.

Speculation has been mounting after the band were finally confirmed for induction in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, with Gene Simmons, who’d previously stated there was no chance of a reunion, changing his mind and saying: “Sure, why not?”

Former guitarist Ace Frehley later said he was confident that he and drummer Peter Criss would play with Stanley and Simmons. He added that while he’d be happy to see current men Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer take part too, he didn’t want them wearing make-up along with the original members.

But Stanley appears to be on the verge of ruling out any reunion. Asked via Twitter if the classic band would perform at the induction ceremony, he said: “Seems unlikely.” And in reply to follow-up question: “Any plans on wearing make-up with Ace and Peter?” he stated: “No way.”

Kiss won the public poll on who should become part of the Rock Hall’s class of 2014, taking 17% of the vote. They’ll be inducted alongside Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall And Oates, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt.

Meanwhile, guitarist Bruce Kulick has told of his joy after marrying his girlfriend Lisa at the weekend. The Grand Funk Railroad member, who played with Kiss for 12 years from 1984, says: “It was a magical day with many wonderful memories to share.”


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