Blockheads ask fans for chart help

Blockheads photo shoot 02 February 2009The late Ian Dury’s old band The Blockheads have asked fans to help them enter the charts later this month in an attempt to have material from their latest album played on radio.

But they’re not aiming for the No.1 spot – and they’ll settle for any position in the Top 40.

The band, fronted by Dury’s minder Derek ‘The Draw’ Hussey since the original frontman’s death in 2000, are disappointed that no singles from 2013 release Same Horse Different Jockey gained much airplay. So they’ve hatched a plan to make sure the next track, Boys Will Be Boys, can’t be ignored by radio bosses.

The Blockheads explain on their Facebook campaign page: “We all feel this album is our best to date, and we’d have have expected the singles to perform better.

“It was brought to our attention that all the main radio stations are obliged to play any single that appears in the Top 40 – and it only takes 2,500 sales in one week to get there.

“We thought we would once again turn to our loyal Blockhead following to download the new single. The object is to achieve 2,500 downloads in one week from January 20. Get The Blockheads back into the Top 40, and share it with as many people as possible.”

Last year the band ran a successful crowd-funding campaign to cover the cost of making three videos for Same Horse Different Jockey. They used the money to create a series of spoof soap opera episodes called Dun Punkin, featuring old friends Toyah Willcox and Topper Headon. View the first, including the track Boys Will Be Boys, below.

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