Jake E Lee would consider Ozzy return

Jake E Lee admits he’d welcome the money associated with rejoining Ozzy Osbourne’s band – but he doesn’t think it would be possible to agree on artistic terms.

reddragoncartelThe guitarist who appeared on the Black Sabbath frontman’s albums Bark At The Moon and The Ultimate Sin in the mid-80s, spent the past two decades out of the limelight before returning last year with new band Red Dragon Cartel.

He’s been invited to take up his old position with Ozzy a number of times. Asked whether he would finally accept, Lee first tells Metalshrine: “I don’t think so. I did that for four years and it was a great time in my life. I played the first Rock In Rio in front of, like, 500,000 people. I played the US festival which was 300,000 people. I played all over the world. It was a wonderful time for me – but I did that.

“I would be like trying to relive my glory days, and I don’t feel the need to do that. Musically, I just wanna go where I feel I need to go. It would be like taking a step backwards.”

However, Lee goes on to reconsider his position, saying: “I would think about it. Obviously the money would be good. Although I never ever preface any decision I make musically on money, I’m not opposed to it – as long as I can do it with some integrity.”

But he continues: “I don’t think it would ever happen, because artistically I don’t think we could ever come to terms.”

Red Dragon Cartel’s self-titled debut album is released on January 27 via Frontiers Records. The band will play this year’s Download festival at Donington in June.

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