Stone Temple Pilots Deny ‘Recording Delays’ Have Caused Their Canceled Shows


Stone-Temple-Pilots-Chester-BenningtonBad news is bad news, but Stone Temple Pilots are moving to correct some misinformation issued last week via the Soundwave website that revealed the band was bowing out of Australia’s traveling festival.

The initial statement offered by the promoters suggested that the recording of their next album had gone beyond the scheduled time and to ensure the availability of all involved, the band were canceling their touring engagements. But not so fast! The band says the statement was not entirely accurate.

In a new Facebook posting, the band states:

We regret that, due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, our forthcoming tour dates in Australia, the Middle East and Hawaii have had to be cancelled. An initial statement citing “recording delays” wasn’t true — the conflict wasn’t related to recording new STP material. We are deeply disappointed to not be able to perform these shows, and look forward to making them up in the future.

-Robert, Dean, Eric and Chester

So there you have it … sort of. The band has bowed out of their upcoming tour dates, but while the group alerted fans that their new album plans had nothing to do with the cancellation, they didn’t go into specifics. Yes there is a time conflict, but it’s not related to the recording process.


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