Woman charged for Chris Cornell Twitter death threats

chris-cornell-610x458A Seattle woman has been charged for allegedly sending Chris Cornell a number of chilling death threats and threats to harm his children.

Seattle news station KIRO 7 are reporting the Soundgarden singer received more than 100 different messages and even warned his 13-year-old daughter was a target: “Prosecutors claim Elizabeth Walden had nine different Twitter accounts and sent more than 100 messages to Cornell. They say the postings also alluded to a rape of his 13-year-old daughter. Prosecutors say those tweets constituted cyber-stalking and they filed criminal charges against her this week.”

Now the woman is facing criminal charges with prosecutors confirming the tweets constituted cyber-stalking.

It is not the first time Cornell has been the victim of stalking. He and his family filed a restraining order in 2007.

-Classic Rock

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