GAMMA RAY – New Studio Album EMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD released March 31st on earMUSIC

gammarayGamma Ray, one of Germany’s most prominent and successful classic heavy metal acts, are set to release their 11th studio album, ‘Empire Of The Undead’, on March 31st. ‘Empire Of The Undead’ will be released as CD, LP, Limited edition CD with extra visual content and a box that features the CD, a shirt and a poster.


The new album follows the success of 2010’s ‘To The Metal’ which brought GAMMA RAY back in the highest positions of the sales charts worldwide.


GAMMY RAY have also announced their spring tour that will take them from Prague to Helsinki and from Athens to Hamburg across the whole European continent.


“Empire Of The Undead” the fast metal song in the typical GAMMA RAY style that has influenced so many bands around the world, first appeared on the single / EP “Master Of Confusion” an appetizer the band released in 2013, just before touring the world non-stop with “relatives” Helloween.


Gamma Ray worked on the new album during various sessions in 2013, during and in between their perennial tour with Eike Freese at the mixing desk supporting the ever precious work of bass player and co-writer Dirk Schlaechter.


It was just after landing in South America, that unbelievable news reached Kai Hansen & co.: Hammer Studio, their home, rehearsal place, studio and meeting point for many metal bands in Germany, had been totally destroyed by a terrifying fire-stroke, together with instruments, amps, tapes…


Back on their home turf the band needed to stand back and take an overview about their losses, and then simply do what they do best – move on! Life is too good to stop and moan; nearly everything was destroyed, except the tapes of the almost finished new studio album….


“If this could not stop us… nothing ever will” joked Kai Hansen, who also added – “We got rid of a lot of shit that we gathered there. Unfortunately a lot of good equipment as well. Anyhow, we looked into the future, we saved the production, and we can continue now in this new place.”


Empirical – Roland Hyams – / 07768 156392 / 020 8677 8466.

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