Gig Review! The Treatment – Norwich Waterfront Studio 2/2/14 By Kieron Byde

Jake_TagNow, particularly over the last 5 – 10 years or so, critics from around the world have always said that “Rock is Dead” and that rock has no place in the music world (some concertgoers may remember the sold out Wembley Arena date in December 2012 by Weybridge rock starlets You Me At Six, with lead vocalist Josh Franceschi explaining all the rumors surrounding the music industry). But, as proved tonight, rock music is very much still alive and fighting with all guns blazing. Fair enough, the majority of rock groups are more of a rarity nowadays, but they do exist. Take tonight’s concert at Norwich Waterfront for instance. Here stand three young bands all at different stages early in their careers.

First off taking to the stage, were local rockers Walkway. I first came across this band performing at a good friend’s birthday party last year in a pub, so it was incredible to see how much they’ve progressed in just that stage of their career. They’ve also supported massive bands such as American rockers Black Stone Cherry and another set of local heroes, The Darkness. Since that day Walkway have slowly started to make a name for themselves. With performances such as this show, they will have no problem in expanding their following globally.


Next we move on to yet another fast-rising British rock ‘n’ roll band, Cage The Gods, who are one step further in their careers than Walkway, as they’ve already managed to get the desired attention from the rock music industry, and have been touted as a band to watch for the upcoming future. That’s why tonight, they’ve truly shown why they are truly talented in their music, and why they already have an ever-increasing fanbase. Admittedly, the venue from that night wasn’t sold out, but with the incredible atmosphere in the crowd, it was very hard to tell. With Cage The Gods having put on a performance as amazing as that, it became clear that they are a band serious about their music and aiming for big things.

And finally, here were Cambridge starlets and first-time headliners The Treatment, who have recently released their impressive second record “Running With The Dogs” following on from their storming debut album “This Might Hurt”. Seeing as they’ve already been on hand to support legends such as Alice Cooper, Steel Panther and Thin Lizzy, having been discovered by Kiss mainman Gene Simmons a few years ago, that night was the night where they felt they had to step into the limelight as headliners.


And it’s here where they had hoped that their second offering would be the catalyst needed for this early career-defining moment to happen. However they were aware that a disappointing show would have made the public see them as a small support band for the future. I found out just a couple of songs into their set, just how worthy of a headline act they really are. Songs such as their opening new single “I Bleed Rock & Roll” and popular hit “Drink, F**k, Fight” were enough to get the whole crowd moving. Other tracks such as “Emergency” and “World On Fire” were also exceptional crowd-pleasers.

So tonight had turned out to be one hell of a night, with three impressive young rock groups attempting to keep the genre alive and kicking. Going by this evidence, rock most certainly isn’t dead. If you want to keep the genre of good old rock & roll going, I suggest you see bands like these, and prepare to be swept well and truly away.


Kieron Byde

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