BELOW release 2nd song taken off debut album ‘Across The Dark River’

below-rockhardEpic doom metal band, BELOW, spent the end of 2013 at Sonic Train Studios in Sweden with none other than Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) to record their debut full-length album “Across The Dark River”.

The band is now releasing the 2nd single off that album, “Mare Of The Night”, exclusively through the website of Rock Hard Germany. Head here to check out the song:

Make sure to stream the 1st single “Portal” on The album will be released on April 14th in the UK via Metal Blade Records.

BELOW comments on “Mare Of The Night”“An ultra-heavy song about a mythological creature who enter your dreams. Starting out slow and ending in a furious onslaught.”

BELOW, hails from Sweden and music has influences from late Black Sabbath, Candlemass, and King Diamond, so going with Andy La Rocque as the producer was a clear choice for the group. La Rocque added: “This is one of the heaviest bands I have worked with in the studio in a very long time. And always great to work with great musicians!”

Not much is known about the Swedish quintet, however they are working with Tobias Rosén˜bass player of fellow Metal Blade Records artists Noctum – of Howlin’ Owl Productions. BELOW started writing songs and in November of 2012 and a 4-track EP was recorded at Deep Blue Studios in Sweden. By this time, Tobias of Howlin’ Owl Productions heard them and asked to act as manager for the band. The EP was sent to various magazines, labels and people in the business and was praised by everybody who gave the songs a listen. Metal Hammer awarded the EP a 9/10 rating.

Zeb – Vox
Hedman – Bass
Paud – Guitar
Berg – Guitar
Doc – Drums

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