Kick – “Memoirs”

Here we have 11 songs (+2 bonus), all of which were written and produced by principle songwriter, Mikey Jones. The songs are true to the tradition of Kick and each carries the hallmark of British the power-melody combination. Mikey told us, ‘This is an interesting bunch of songs – I worked harder on the sound and I’m happy that they are out there for public consumption. Check out Thrill Seeking Junkie, and Urban Refugee for starters – this album truly rocks!”

Opening track, “Doesn’t Take Much” starts with a wail of sirens prior to the song kicking in. The vocals have a sneering quality of Crue, with a very modern sounding AOR backing. This is record that varies in pace blending quality AOR whilst breaking new ground in terms of sounds. This is not an album riddled with 80s cliche (however, will there be anybody who couldn’t guess which sound effect will start the track “Radio”?). “The Futures Ours” is the standout track for me – great intro and opening riff, catchy to the point of ridiculous. Ballad “Nothing More to Say” is a strange way to finish the record … after a great set of rockers, the big finish that you would expect is, well, just not there – it’s still a good song, just an odd choice of finisher.


Given that Mikey and brother Chris have been together in bands since the early 80s, I would have thought they would have crossed my path in the past. Some good stuff here, particularly if you like your AOR recognisable as just that, but whilst trying to take the stuff beloved of the 1980s scene and drag it kicking (yeah, I know!) and screaming into the 21st century.


Doesn’t Take Much | 3:48
Thrill Seeking Junkie | 3:28
Radio | 3:13
Come Back | 2:48
Urban Refugee | 3:04
Round & Round | 3:57
Words Of Advice | 4:48
Highway To The Sun | 3:42
The Futures Ours | 3:44
Never Lost That Feeling | 4:25
Nothing More To Say | 3:40
Plus 2 bonus tracks

Available now via Escape-Music

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