Puddle Of Mudd Have Another Line Up Change

pomIt appears Puddle Of Mudd have changed members yet again, this time leaving  Wes Scantlin as the only recognisable face for POM fans.

This from Puddle Of Mudd Fanpage with thanks to Karen:

Officially announced by Puddle of Mudd in March 2014 is another shuffle of members.  Joining lead singer

Wes Scantlin are Matt Fuller on lead guitar and vocals, Michael A. Grajewski on bass and vocals, and

Dave ‘Chilli’ Moreno on drums and vocals. Welcome to the Puddle of Mudd family. I hope to add some

biography info on the latest members.


It is with a sad heart it appears Doug Ardito (bass/vocals) and Christian Stone (guitar/vocals) will

not be currently touring with the band.  While as fans we aren’t aware of the circumstances that cause

these changes, it is our loyalty to all members that have been in the band at one time or another to 

continue to support them as they depart.  Especially members that have been with POM for a long time

as in the case of Doug and Christian. They will truly be missed. Thank you for your kindness shown to us

throughout the years and I personally wish you guys all the best always and look forward to seeing you

on the road again whenever that may be. Much love to you! 



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