Classic Rock Presents Bad Company – 40th Anniversary DVD

As ever, the team at Classic Rock really know how to please their readers and, of course, the fans. Sure you will be able to get hold of this 40th Anniversary DVD documenting the story of Bad Co, elsewhere. However, what you will not get are the extras that CR are so very good at bringing to us.

The full length documentary from Jon Brewer brings to life the story of Bad Co – bringing together the members backgrounds (discussions about Free, Mott the Hoople, etc), discussion about the label (the first band signed to Swansong, Led Zeppelin’s newly founded label). You get stories of how they set about recording the first album, discussions with colleagues, peers,  and Bad Co roadies. Producer, Ron Nevison talks about getting Paul Rodgers to adlib bits of vocal. There was so much talent in the band that their first album took 10 days to record – new songs created by Rodgers and Mick Ralphs (as Nevison refers to them “the rocker guy and the ballad guy).


What else do you get for you £14.99? A beautifully produced, 132 page magazine with hundreds of rare and unseen pictures. New interviews with the surviving members plus memories of the late Boz Burrell. Add to that four art cards featuring some stunning photographic images of the band and you have a fabulous package for long term fans and those for whom the documentary is part of their rock and roll history education.BadCo AD for Metal_NEW_Hires.indd

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