Did Courtney Love Spoil Hole Reunion?

Courtney-2Last week it was revealed that Courtney Love was rehearsing with classic members of Hole, but the vocalist now says she may have endangered a potential reunion by making it public.

Speaking with The Telegraph, Love stated, “We may have made out, but there’s no talk of marriage. It’s very frail. Nothing might happen — and now the band are all flipping out with me.”

But Love says she’s promises to be better at typing on impulse, adding, “After I get a spanking, or maybe three, I tend to be good.”

Whether or not it does come fruition, it is good to know that Love is working again with bassist Melissa Auf der Maur, guitarist Eric Erlandson and drummer Patty Schemel and attempting to make a go of it. The foursome appeared together onstage a couple of years ago at Schemel’s documentary after party, but nothing more happened at the time other than a few songs onstage.

However, late last year, Love posted a photo of herself with Erlandson, a band member she had been critical of in recent years, with a suggestion that 2014 would be a very interesting year. Though Hole have had various members over the years, the foursome that are currently working together appeared on 1998′s ‘Celebrity Skin,’ which earned Hole their first Top 10 album.


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