Sebastian Bach Would Still Work With Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan for Music’s Sake

sebastian_mbo6Relationships in bands are often tenuous things, and Sebastian Bach is of the mindset that things don’t always have to be hunky-dory for the music to be great. Speaking with Rock Revolt Magazine, Bach said one of the biggest misconceptions about him is that he’s difficult to work with.

The vocalist explained, “I’m only hard to work with if you don’t really want to be great. If you’re not coming in with your ‘A’ game, then I’m f—ing impossible to work with. If you’re giving me a half-assed effort, then you don’t want to work with me.”

Bach says you’ll only hear positive things from his drummer Bobby Jarzombek and his special album guests John 5, Duff McKagan and Steve Stevens when referring to his upcoming disc ‘Give ‘Em Hell.’ He added, “I’m not hard to work with. I just won’t settle for something that isn’t as good as it can be.”

The conversation then turned to Bach’s former band Skid Row. The vocalist stated, “When I read interviews with my old band and they say, ‘We get along great with our new singer. We have barbecues and drink tequila together.’ You know what? I don’t give a f— about barbecues. You don’t hear Mick Jagger saying that he loves working with Keith Richards and that they have barbecues together. You hear Mick saying that he hates working with Keith Richards.”

Bach elaborated, “Newsflash: Rachel Bolan doesn’t like me for what we’ve been talking about, but I would work with him anytime, because the result of that dynamic is really good music. I don’t think you have to be best friends with everybody to work with them.”

Over the years, there have been rumors of a reunion with Skid Row and Bach has stated he would put his ego aside in order to satisfy the fans,

but so far nothing has come of that discussion.

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