Interview with Paul Logue of Eden’s Curse

Just prior to the start of the first headline club tour of the UK by Eden’s Curse, principle song writer and bassist, Paul Logue very kindly broke off from rehearsals to speak with Rock-Zone UK about wher they are at as a band right now.


Hi Paul and many thanks for taking the time to talk to Rock-Zone UK. First of all, would it be fair to say that the Eden’s Curse journey so far has been less smooth than perhaps you had planned. How have you been able to keep the faith and continue to produce the great music that you do?

It’s not something I give too much thought to, but the road to success is never a straight line; it’s full of twists and turns. Ultimately it’s getting there that counts, not how you did it.

Our fan base and our vision have kept us believing. They have picked us up when we have been down and said, “You can do this; you need too”. It was humbling to say the least and we owe them everything. We have achieved too much to walk away from what we started back in 2006, and as long as I feel we are not flogging a dead horse and retain the signature sound then it is certainly worth carrying on.

In my opinion, this band has never looked nor sounded better and we have way much more left in the tank.

EDENS CURSE Paul Logue Solo P04

Given that I gave the game away in my review, it took me a while to hear “Symphony of Sin”, but from the first listen it blew me away (the first thing I heard was “Evil and Divine” – what an amazing riff from Thorsten!) and then having made it my mission to get hold of all your previous releases, there is the obvious change in vocalists but “SOS” sounds like a logical progression from a very solid band. Given the changes in line-up how was it possible to keep the consistent Eden’s Curse sound?

Well, the most obvious answer I suppose, is that I am principle song writer and Thorsten’s guitar sound remained. These two ingredients were and still are key elements of what makes our sound what it is. So, this album had one goal – to sound and look like an Eden’s Curse album. Of course, the new voice was going to add a new flavour, and it’s certainly one that tastes better to me, but when the fans hold the CD in their hand the first time I wanted them to say, “Well THAT is an Eden’s Curse album”. And when they press play they say, “Now THAT sounds like Eden’s Curse”. I think we have succeeded magnificently in that respect.

Where does your inspiration for the songs come from?

Day to day life, personal experiences, views of the world today, opinions on things happening around me or maybe from something I have read or watched.


I have noticed recurring religious themes throughout of the albums, was this a purposeful decision based on faith?

It was more based on the religious connotations of the band name; more say than faith. I myself am a Christian, but the band is not a Christian band per se. I have been married for 15 years, so to be honest I have zero interest in writing the cliche rock lyrical content of ‘boy-meets-girl blah blah blah’; it’s insipid and for me. It would be utterly fake. The concept from the very beginning was to take inspiration from the band moniker and think outside the box. Take an observation in life, find a religious reference and write it around that, but refrain from preaching. Try and make people relate to it easily and make them think. If you can take the listener on a journey then you have succeeded as a writer.

Clearly the advent of the worldwide web and technology makes for a much smaller world? What are the best things about the structure of Eden’s Curse? What issues do the distances pose? Do you think it will get easier now you are all based in Europe?

Actually, not having everyone on your doorstep is a blessing and a curse (excuse the pun). Having been in a Glasgow band for 9 years, I experienced the former and it doesn’t suit my lifestyle now, being married with children. Eden’s Curse was created the way I wanted it to suit my lifestyle. That was completely deliberate and we can achieve so much with technology today. We save time and money.

However, the flip side is when we do get together there are travel expenses that a local band wouldn’t have. However, it is what it is and its second nature for us now. It is a lot easier now we are in Europe and we made it a priority that our new vocalist was in Europe for sure.

I still remember the time when rock music stirred something in me that made me want to play rock and roll guitar and be in bands (I still tell people that when I grow up I want to be a rock star!); it was watching The Sweet on Top of the Pops. What was the first musical inspiration that made you choose to do what you want to do?

Some friends at school started a band and needed a drummer. I had never been behind a kit in my life but knew I had rhythm, so I said I will give it a go. I then taught myself how to play guitar and moved to bass. Going to my first concert in the early 90’s – which was Winger – just blew my mind. I thought “how cool is that” and just worked and worked at it.

…. and to follow on from that, who are you listening to right now that inspires or fires you up (do you get musical obsessions where you hear something and have to possess it all)?

I’m a major hard rock, AOR, Melodic Rock, Melodic Metal, Prog Metal fan, so I listen to a lot of the new releases that many people do and YES I have buying frenzies too! Right now I’m playing new albums from Pretty Maids, Primal Fear and Dream Theater; and waiting on the new records from HEAT and Edguy to drop. I use people like Tobias Sammet (Edguy / Avantasia) as a constant source of inspiration. Succeeding in today’s musical world isn’t easy, yet those guys have and continue to do so on their own terms. He is a super talent!

What’s the best thing about being in Eden’s Curse right now?

Playing in a band with such talented and lovely people as Thorsten, Nikola, Steve and John. All great musicians and great people.

Is there anything that you would say is the worst thing?

Only that we can’t do it more because of distance and money.

With your first headline UK tour coming up what are you most looking forward to?

As it’s our first headline tour, getting the chance to play a full set every night as opposed to the standard 45-60 minute support slots will be special. We are really fired up to show off the new album songs and line up, and playing some of the songs for the first time to the UK public is beyond exciting. We return to The Yardbirds in Grimsby for the second time, where we held our first ever headline show previously, and we complete the hat trick of Wolverhampton venues with our show at The Slade Rooms, which makes up the “Holy Trinity” of three venues in the same complex having appeared at The Wulfrun Hall and Wolves Civic before. Glasgow should be special, as it always is; it’s my home town and is heading for a sell-out… And can’t wait to play the famous Underworld in Camden, London.”

What length of set can we expect? Can we expect a good coverage of songs from the first three albums? Are you going to have some nice merchandise (just so I can save up my pocket money 😀 )?

On paper it’s around 90 minutes of performance time. We are featuring songs from the new record heavily but, absolutely we will be playing material from the first three records. All the BIG Eden’s Curse songs from the first three albums are there.

We have enough merchandise to sink a ship! We will have new “Symphony Of Sin” Ladies and Gents T-Shirts, 4 other shirt designs and all copies of all our releases, including EU and US versions with bonus tracks etc. DVD’s, Postcards, signed CD’s – the full works.

What have been the biggest challenges? Is there any part of the process that makes you wake up in cold sweats during the night?

I’m booking agent come tour manager, so some of the logistics are difficult at times, but musically it has all come together like it always does.

I notice that your previous singer is proposing to tour as Eden’s Curse (and has released compilation albums under the EC name); surely this must cause unnecessary heartache? How do you propose dealing with such issues, or would you just rather let the music do the talking (I note that you rarely discuss such matters but “others” can’t seem to leave the past behind)?

He can do what he wants or say what he wants. I really don’t care. We turned the page and let it go a long time ago.

And that, as they say, is exactly the way I would play it … as a new Eden’s Curse obsessive it is the songs and musicianship that make them the truly magnificent band that they are. Fans of metal, AOR and anything with truly awesome guitar playing (and vocals & drummers … and bassists, Paul!) NEED to catch them on their UK tour in May.



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