Iron Maiden figures Iron Maiden Mummy + Trooper Clothed 8-Inch Eddie Action Figures Coming This Year

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan, get ready to be the coolest metalhead on your block! Toy-maker NECA has announced that two clothed 8-inch Eddie action figures arriving this year. One will be a ‘Trooper’ edition and the other a ‘Mummy’ edition.1Maiden-figures

The retro-looking figures pay tribute to the action figures of the 1970s featuring cloth costumes. The Trooper edition, which will arrive in July, features a tattered Union Jack flag and saber.

Meanwhile, the Mummy edition is being released in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the band’s masterful ‘Powerslave’ album and corresponding ‘World Slavery’ 1984-85 tour. This figure features chains that can be connected to Eddie’s mouth, as well as an alternate head that reveals more of his face. The Mummy figure will arrive in September.

So start saving up your pennies, because you’ll wanna get your hands on these figures when they’re released this summer.

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