Vince Neil Becomes Part Owner Of A Football Team

Motley Crue performs on February 18, 2012 during their residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, NevadaAre Arena Football teams becoming the next signature beer for rock bands? Because musician interest in the AFL seems to be growing day by day. Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has become a part owner of the Jacksonville Sharks, and as if that wasn’t enough, Neil is planning to bring an AFL team to Las Vegas.

Last year, KISS became the first band to launch their very own Arena Football team, the L.A. KISS. Adorned with insane gear including flaming helmets and uniforms, the L.A. KISS began their inaugural season about a month ago, currently holding a record of two wins and three losses.

Perhaps inspired by KISS’ latest business venture, Vince Neil threw some of his own money into the Jacksonville Sharks, and like the L.A. KISS, the team currently holds a record of two wins and three losses. According to the Las Vegas Sun, other rock stars have also become part owners of the Sharks, though the musicians’ names have not been revealed.

Vince Neil plans to expand his role in the AFL, as the Motley Crue singer hopes to bring a team to Las Vegas in the next two years. “It’s a great action sport growing in popularity with every game,” Neil tells the Las Vegas Sun. “There are some incredible players. I love the game. It will be perfect to have an AFL team in Las Vegas. I sense the city would love it. I know that I will because it’s on my home turf.


The report doesn’t specify whether Neil aims to bring the Jacksonville Sharks to Las Vegas or if an entirely new team will be formed,.

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