Zakk Wylde Explains His Zakk-isms to Chris Jericho

Zakk-and-ChrisAnyone who has spoken to or read interviews with Black Label Society leader Zakk Wylde over the years knows that the rocker has a language all his own. Wylde has been known to use colorful descriptions to address a number of people, places and things over the years, and during a recent chat with ‘Talk Is Jericho‘ podcast host Chris Jericho, Wylde revealed the definitions of some of his more popular phrases.

Jericho, who has long been a friend of Wylde’s, started running through some of the Zakk-isms he’s heard the singer-guitarist use on multiple occasions. And a list of some of the translations can be found below:

Submarine – “That would be the tour bus. Cause with Black Label and my love for the military and my dad being a World War 2 vet, so obviously if we were traveling by plane that would be Air Force and when we’re on water and taking a boat, it’s the Navy and obviously in the tour bus, cause it’s a tube like a submarine, so it’s the Black Label Nuclear Sub.”

The Warden – “The Warden would have to be the immortal beloved … let’s put it this way, with me and the Boss (Ozzy Osbourne) and the guys back in the day, we had names for all our wives and girlfriends. So I had the warden, some of the other guys had the governor, the sentinel, the first power.”

Fiddle – “The fiddle would happen to be the guitar.”

Time to Make the Donuts – “That’s time to get off the couch and get to work so we can pay the bills … Yes, it’s Dunkin Donuts. It’s time to make the donuts and it’s time to get your ass in gear and go to work.”

Father – “You know when we had the ‘Order of the Black’ … it’s what is the order? What is the Black Label order? It’s a religion and yes we’re all confused and nobody knows what’s going on and everyone seems to be happy. But you know, cause I’m Catholic, so the whole thing is the running joke would always be that any of our brothers that are Jewish, like Adam who engineers the records, is our favorite Irish Catholic Rabbi engineer. So it’s a sight, and nobody knows what’s going on, but we all seem to be happy. So yeah, it’s because I’m Catholic and it’s a running joke, so it’s Father this and Father that. And there are all the guitar players that we love and musicians, and so obviously anyone who has passed away has gone into sainthood, so it’s Saint Rhoads, Saint Hendrix and stuff like that. And obviously Jimmy Page hasn’t passed, but he’s his own religion anyways, but he’s the pontiff. You have Pope Page … so that’s the running joke we have going.”

Check out Zakk Wylde with Chris Jericho in the ‘Talk Is Jericho‘ podcast from PodcastOne below, as he also delves into some stories about “The Boss” (Ozzy Osbourne) and “Mom” (Sharon Osbourne).

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