The Offspring’s Dexter Holland Sued By Cessna Over Plane Debt

Offspring-2The Offspring‘s Dexter Holland is one of several rockers out there who can also pilot his own plane, but his passion for flying has landed him in some legal hot water. According to TMZ, Holland is being sued by Cessna for failing to pay for one of his planes and they’re threatening to repossess two of his other planes as a result.

Reports state that Cessna’s financial corporation say that Holland still owes them $782,422.16 for a third plane he purchased from them. According to the lawsuit, Holland’s financial issues date back to 2007, when he reportedly financed the plane but had trouble making the payments.

Cessna claims that they struck a deal with Holland, as he was to sell the aircraft privately with the funds going to Cessna. They also gave him until 2017 to pay off the remaining balance, putting up his other two planes as collateral.

However, Holland has reportedly not made a payment in the past year, so the company has decided to sue for the other planes or the $782K debt still owed.

The Offspring are in action this summer as Holland and his band are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakout album ‘Smash’ by playing the disc in its entirety at shows.

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