Idaho Man Arrested For Talking About Nickleback?

1nicklebackNickelback have taken their fair share of abuse from music fans over the years, but apparently uttering the word “Nickelback” in public is now a punishable offense, as two men in Idaho recently found out. After Idaho police apparently mistook the word “Nickelback” for “nickel sack,” the two young men were given the business, one even being handcuffed and detained by police.

To be fair, we can’t confirm that the guys in this video weren’t selling weed, but who the hell has ever used the term “nickel sack”? “Nickel bag” maybe… but that’s beside the point.

In a video posted by one of the passengers stopped by police, you’re given a birds-eye view of the incident. One officer claims to have heard the words, “Yeah, nickel sack, for sure.” The man shooting the video retorts, “No, Nickelback. That guy was blaring Nickelback.” The individual holding the camera invites the policemen to check the car for weed multiple times, but in this video, we never see it happen. Police do, however, ask the driver why he has hundreds of dollars of cash with him. The youth explains that he just got paid from a legitimate job, offering his recent pay stub as proof.

A light verbal tiff is exchanged, but at around the 3:13 mark, the clip gets a little scary. One of the youths in the vehicle can be heard yelling, “Woah, woah dude, woah. Why are you pulling your gun out? Why are you pulling you gun out?” Right after, the man in the passenger seat is ordered out of the car, handcuffed and detained.

The “Nickelback” vs. “nickel sack” argument continues, with police calling the “Nickelback” defense a “bulls–t story” while calling the cuffed individual an “a–hole.” Check out the video for yourself above.

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