Rainbows Are Free’s ‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’ album released August 4th


“If Guns and Roses did weed instead of cocaine, they might have made ‘Believers in Medicine’, assuming they were from Oklahoma… The vintage influence is loud and fuzzed out with an ascendancy. It is solid heavy rock with acid guitar flashing all over it.” Metal-archives.com


“They’re from somewhere in Oklahoma. The part of Oklahoma that has UFO cults, bathtub acid, wizard robes, custom vans and amplifiers the size of refrigerators. There’s a good chance Rainbows will blow your mind for good, so use caution…” Ken McIntyre, Classic Rock Magazine (Summer 2011 Special Issue).


***Radio Emphasis Single – Track 1 – ‘Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell***


‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’, Rainbows Are Free’s brand new second studio album, set for release on August 4th on Guestroom Records, distributed by Cargo, is nothing other than a monstrous, irresistible, psychedelic doom-metal masterpiece. Rainbows Are Free’s unique interpretation of a bygone era of classic heaviness sets them well apart from the contemporaries that they have shared stages with, such as Saint Vitus, High On Fire, The Sword, Pallbearer, Kylesa and Dead Meadow.


Album opener ‘Speed God and the Rise of the Motherfuckers From a Place Beyond Hell’ immediately beckons the rabid hell-beast inside the listener to rise up and roar along to each and every one of the head-bang-able, swaggery, grungy rock anthems on the opus. Lead guitarist Richie Tarver’s crazily catchy killer riffs grab hold of your ears to drag them deep into the auditory depths, while rhythm guitarist Lucas Watson, bassist Chad Hogue and drummer Bobby Onspaugh lay down a solid groove which conjures up dark occult imagery and apocalyptic soundscapes that create an ominous portend of doom for all who listen.


Fronted by the soaring and snarling nigh 7 foot cyclone of weirdness that is front man Brandon Kistler, Rainbows Are Free burst out of the starting blocks with their psychedelic, proto-metal debut album, ‘Believers In Medicine’, in 2010. Decibel Magazine’s Kevin Stuart-Panko was inspired to proclaim that “They genuinely fire up the burners and kick ass with a lumbering gallop, fuzzed-out leads and and Brandon Kistler’s straight-edge Ozzy vocals” in September 2010’s issue.


‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’ goes several steps further, injecting more rhythm and groove-laden, Southern rock elements with even more dramatic vocals, “somewhere between the near-operatic metallic howl of Mika from Finnish hypno rockers Circle, the classic metal vox of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and the space lord motherfucker himself, Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet.” (Aquarius Records Reviews, San Francisco, March 2014.) The seriously infectious vibe throughout the album is the sound of a band with massive musical balls obviously having the time of their lives making ‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’, which is now set to launch Rainbows Are Free into hard rock’s heady stratosphere.


www.rainbowsarefree.com / www.guestroom-records.com

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