Slipknot Unleash Another Creepy Teaser as Excitement for New Album Builds

Slipknot-Corey-Taylor1Slipknot are up to something and whatever it is definitely has a creepy vibe to it. The band recently ended their website “blackout” with a series of quick-flashing images and the shots just keep coming.

The band’s website now has two bars under the revolving pointed star-figure and by clicking on one and then putting the star in motion, it will now give you the full bizarre and creepy trailer that they briefly posted then took down a few days prior. The other bar takes viewers back into the quick-hitting imagery mode with a few new shots.

On Facebook, the group showcases a screen capture of one of the shots that shows a pair of horrified eyes peering out at something unknown. The posting also comes with the caption “The Prescient/The Nascent/The Quotient.”


The Prescient/The Nascent/The Quotient:


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