Overkill Vocalist Bobby Blitz Was Mistakenly Told He Had Six Months to Live

Overkill-Bobby-BlitzBeing ill in a foreign country is a scary enough ordeal, but Overkill‘s Bobby Blitz got a scare he’ll never forget. The vocalist revealed in a new interview that while on tour in Germany, he suffered a health scare that he initially thought would be the end of him.

Biltz tells Rock Sverige, “I canceled a show in Hamburg and ended up in the hospital with borderline pneumonia and all this s–t. I remember sitting in the German hospital, trying to recover from this and this guy came in and told me I had six months! I sat up all night and remember going through my computer, ‘Who do I owe money to?, Who owes me?’”

The vocalist says that he had a horrible 12 hours until he was visited again by another hospital worker who set the record straight. He recalls, “I wasn’t really expecting that and I never expected it to come as news to me in broken English. In any case, the next day the woman who was in charge came in and said, ‘What are you talking about? No, you have to change your habits or in 6 months you´ll be in another hospital again’ and I was like ‘F—!’”

The incident inspired the song ‘Another Day to Die,’ which Blitz penned during the horrible period of thinking the end was near. He did state though that the hospital stay did have a positive effect, as he gave up smoking almost immediately. He’s also taken up hiking and has gotten into cardio as well.

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