The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Planning to Revisit Early Demos For Future Release

1Billy-CorganEver wonder how some of your favorite bands started out? Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is planning to let fans peek behind that curtain by revisiting some of his earliest demos.

In a new posting, Corgan writes, “My next planned release will be the start of a multi-volume collection of home demos from 1985-1990, which, if those who work for me can be believed, has over 800 titles to consider.”

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman adds, “A word of caution, as these ‘works’ are all over the place in terms of quality, etc, as I was just a kid of 18 when I started making my own recordings; and not only do my influences show a little too hard in places, but so do my inadequacies as a sound engineer. To help avoid confusion then over what would be on the records, short sound clips of every release will be made avail; as many are instrumental or ‘vibey’ in nature and may not appeal to everyone (I didn’t really start singing my own songs until I was 19).”

Corgan says he’s received positive comments from those he’s let hear his early work, with Smashing Pumpkins’ own Jeff Schroeder telling him, “It’s cool to hear you piece together what would eventually become the band’s sound, even at such a young age.”

At present, there is no exact release date, but Corgan says that since there’s so much to go through he expects that the first release from the project will not arrive for at least two or three more months. He’s also toying with the idea of putting together a vinyl release, adding that if he does so, fans could expect “a double or triple first set.”

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