David A Saylor – “Strength of One”

Following on from last year’s Kiss Of Judas EP (now sold out) Saylor returns with “Strength Of One”, a collection of eleven AOR/Melodic Rock gems which again showcases his awesome voice, production skills and song writing talent. The step up in quility from his last offering is obvious from the opening guitar riffs of “Welcome To The Show” – Saylor means business as he welcomes listeners into his AOR paradise! The production of this album mimics 80’s standards when hundreds of thousands of dollars were thrown at bands in the hope that they would make a classic. Saylor has delivered a classic here and at a fraction of the price. The man is a wizard in the studio!

In terms of song writing Saylor has again upped the ante! Compelling lyrics, catchy melodies and choruses that listeners will be humming throughout 2014! This album is packed with this! One noticeable aspect is the use of guitars. Beautiful, tasteful solos wrap around almost every song. One play and listeners will be transported back to 1986/87. Guitars come courtesy of six string wizards Brett Hammond, David Mark Pearce and, in particular Nik Lloyd.  The solos, riffing and general sonic textures sit perfectly on every song be they up tempo or ballads, hard and heavy or soft and light! These guys are up to the task and whatever the requirement lay it down perfectly. I have had the pleasure of seeing Nik play in one of his other guises and, without a doubt, he has the best tone and style I’ve come across – the only question is why don’t we hear more of him amongst the names that always get spouted as being “the best thing since….” ?

And then there is Saylor’s voice. Bringing a Terry Brock style rasp to all tracks on offer it sores up there with the angels. It just keeps getting better. Filled with emotion it conveys the pain and the sadness of lost love on some tracks whilst on others celebrates the joy of living life to the max.

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Accompanying Saylor in the studio aside from Brett, Nik and David are Romany May, Christian Antonio, Suzi Ashby, Rob Hewins and Georgia Florence of backing vocals, Paul Pryor on bass and, on “Falling Star”, from Classic Rock favourites The Val, Gabrielle De Val Koenzen (guest vocals) and Alfonso Samos (guitar). A beautiful song that is really suited to the style of The Val.

Strength Of One (AOR Boulevard Records) has a strictly limited pressing of 1000 copies. Like its immediate predecessor is it sure to sell out and become a collector’s piece. Whdoubt this is MUST for all fans of quality AOR – get a copy … yesterday!

Track list: 01. Welcome To The Show, 02. Now You’re Leaving, 03. Flying High, 04. Don’t Say Goodbye, 05. My Heart Ain’t Feeling Nothing, 06. Why Does Our Love Have To End, 07. Beaten Black & Blue, 08. Falling Star, 09. It Must Be Love, 10. How Do I Believe, 11. Caught In The Middle.

David A. Saylor - Strength Of One_Front Cover

David A. Saylor lead vocals, All Instruments
Jon Dewsbury guitar
David Mark Pearce guitar solos (3,5)
Brett Hammond guitar solos (1,9,10)
Nik Lloyd guitar solos (2,4,6,7)
Romany May Saylor backing voxals
Christian Antonio backing vocals
Giorgia Florence backing vocals
Gabriella De Val Koenzen backing vocals (8)
Alfonso Samos guitar solo (8)

Label: http://www.aorblvdrecords.co.uk/

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