X-Drive – “Get Your Rock On”

X-Drive is one of the most exciting rock projects to emerge from Los Angeles in a long time that has come out of nowhere to sign a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records! The debut CD is called “Get Your Rock On,” a stellar collection of 12 tracks that will have your heart reeling and your finger reaching for the replay button. Unknown guitarist Jeremy Brunner is the founder of the project, and the Oregon transplant makes an impressive debut with an affinity for catchy riffs, insightful lyrics and huge choruses. He did not know a soul in California when he arrived but had a huge advantage in the form of a catalogue of songs.

Some of the best in Los Angeles have joined in including bassist James Lomenzo from White Lion, singer Keith St. John from Montrose and to round out the project hard-hitting drummer Fred Fischer from Midline. Then legendary producer Andy Johns, the former Led Zeppelin engineer who finished the X-Drive tracks just before his tragic death in 2013.

“It was such a pleasure to contribute to Jeremy’s effort! He has written and crafted an incredible homage to the style of the 80’s rock, a style that I cut my teeth on back in the day,” Lomenzo said. “His love for the era and style really comes through in a surprisingly satisfying way.”

X-Drive is off and running, and the results are spectacular. A quick listen to the first single “California” is all it takes to be convinced this project not only has an instant hit but could be one of the new faces of rock. St. John is a natural-born front man with all the charisma in the world who is no stranger to the stage as he has fronted such illustrious bands as Quiet Riot, Sweet, Lynch Mob and Burning Rain. His bluesy vocals gave life to the songs featuring huge hooks and ultra-memorable choruses like “Love’s A Bitch,” “Lay Me Down,” “Just Can’t Stay” and the folksy ballad stand out track “Change of Heart.”

“Writing with Brunner was an absolute pleasure,” St. John said. “On the whole, the vehicle for his musical canvasses has been a breath of fresh air in directness and simplicity. I found myself patently inspired to fashion my parts for this collection of songs that was Jeremy’s own refreshing take on the ‘80s.”

This is an album chock a block full of big, arena rock anthems. You can hear howall of the names listed have worked their magic on the guys involved. Yet at no stage did I think that the tracks sounded like someoe else or were derivative. A fantastic spin on the best kind of mrock that this fan has loved for more years than this fan cares to remember.

And then there is Brunner, a songsmith/guitarist of the highest order with an ability to write catchy riffs and ripping solos.
“Get Your Rock On” was mixed by Wyn Davis (Black Sabbath, Dio, Whitesnake, Dokken), and it took more than a year in the studio to make things just the way Brunner wanted, as the guitarist is a bit of a mastermind perfectionist.

But wow was it worth it. The X-Drive debut positively rocks from beginning to end. I DEFY you to listen to this and not have a big smile on your face. Instant appeal, these boys deserve HUGE success

Tracklisting: Love’s A Bitch; Get Your Rock On; Steppin’ On The Rock; Baby Bye Bye; California; Lay Me Down; Turn The Noize Down; Beyond the Angels; Rattlesnake Eyes; Just Can’t Stay; Change of Heart; Love Breaks the Fool.


Produced by Andy Johns and Jeremy Brunner – Mixed by Wyn Davis

X-Drive is:
Keith St. John – Vocals
Jeremy Brunner – Guitar
James Lomenzo – Bass
Fred Fischer – Drums

“Get Your Rock On” will be released on Frontiersand the release dates are:
EU: August 22nd 2014
NA: August 25th 2014

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