shooshinSalford musical activists Shoshin have announced the long awaited release of single ‘All For U.S’, which will be available as a free download and limited 7” vinyl with “b” side track Ridiculous from  24th November 2014.

The single confirms rumors that after months of European guerilla gigging, thousands of euros in police fines for unauthorised street performances, impounded amps, jail time and prolonged periods of tinned food living, the band have managed to make time to get into the studio to lay down some new material.

The single follows the bands self released 2012 debut album ‘Deep Sleprivation’ which has sold thousands of units at street shows across Europe.

The politically potent single will harbor rap, rock, reggae, ska-punk and even some funk influences but lyrically ‘All For U.S’ delivers a strong political message with frontman Pete Haley saying “The lyrics are mostly self-explanatory. I go into some intense detail about the US deficit, oil, the War on Terror, media Islamophobia, counter insurgency in Syria & Iraq, Julian Assange, Wiki Leaks and US foreign policy but our new lyric video for the single should get the message across.” The hard hitting lyric video is expected at the start of November.

It is also rumored that the band intend to perform some unofficial UK shows with a series of hijack and pop-up gigs. Join the band on Facebook to keep up to date on where and when you might be able to catch a show.

For more information and to join the uprising you can visit:
Instagram: @shoshinstagram

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