Revolution Saints – “Revolution Saints”

Review by Mick Parry

The perfect AOR cocktail, take one part Journey, add one part Nightranger mix one part Whitesnake and sprinkle the occasional guest star, that’s the Revolution Saints. Another supergroup put together on the Frontiers label comprising Drummer/Vocals Deen Castronovo , Bassist Jack Blades and Guitarist Doug Aldrich, have put together 2015’s most anticipated release. What we have is a superb collection of 80’s/early 90’s inspired rock with an instantly accessible sound, one that I am sure is going to be well loved by melodic rock fans worldwide. I have been listening to this for the past two weeks and can comfortably state that this will make most peoples top ten’s of 2015, so what have we got?

Opening rocker ” Back On My Trail” sets the tone which some fantastic riffs and the first real taste of how good Deen’s vocals are, then we go straight into “Turn Back Time”, more great guitar work and the first taste of keyboards and a proper melodic rock chorus that we all crave.

The third track features current Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda (you will soon realise who the best vocalist in Journey is), “Your Not Alone” is another well crafted rocker. You will now have realised what a great well produced cd should sound like. “Locked Out Of Paradise” is a much heavier track and showcases Doug’s trademark guitar sound and some great hooks. Next track is the ballady “Way To The Sun” but with the twist of the heavier than anticipated guitarwork of a certain Neal Schon and the keyboard wizardry of a certain Alessandro Del Vecchio.


Another go ahead rocker in “Dream On” is then followed by the majestic power ballad “Don’t Walk Away”, this could be the best Journey song since “Raised On Radio”. I wonder that if Mr Schon is looking for a replacement for Arnel, he needs to look no further.


“Here Forever” reminds me of a classic James Bond theme tune, big sound and even bigger guitars, just imagine naked silhouetted ladies dancing to this – it works for me. Two more rockers follow both highlight Doug’s guitar craft. The penultimate track “How To Mend A Broken Heart” is anything but a ballad with probably some the heaviest guitar on the album but matched with a catchy chorus, brings out the perfect groove. All of sudden we are at the final track “In The Name Of The Father (Fernando’s Song)”, what a way to finish a cd! One of the definite highlights, the beautiful piano work, the depth of Deen’s vocals working his magic on the dreamy words, AOR perfection. Then, suddenly it’s finished, so the only thing left to do is hit play again.


Revolution Saints is an album that for some will be regarded instantly as a classic of the genre, which will only go to further enhance the reputation of it’s players. The production is top class, the songs are of the highest quality. Twenty five years ago this would have sold a million and be all over MTV like a rash,times may change but our expectations don’t. This will be many peoples album of the year and it will be richly deserved and deserves all the plaudits.Nice one guys ,so when does the tour start?


“Revolution Saints” will be released on the 20th February in Europe and the 24th of February in the rest of the world, via Frontiers.

Pghotography copyright Jeff Allen at Orion’s Eye

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