Def Leppard Announce “The Boiler”

Today, Def Leppard are proud to announce the release of their latest contribution to the music industry, the first ever steam powered amplifier, “The Boiler”.
Sitting proudly atop a 4×12 speaker tank, The Boiler pumps out 100 degrees celsius of sound guaranteed to give you that unique Aquasonic™ tone.  Developed over the last five years in partnership with sound expert Professor Ron N.McKew, The Boiler is made out of 100% pure organic material and will run for up to 3 hours on one tank of purified water.

Expected to go into production early 2016 The Boiler will retail at just £299 and will be available in a variety of colours.
Asked to comment on this extraordinary piece of equipment, Joe Elliott said:
“At first, the rest of the band were quite sceptical about the possibility of harnessing the power of water & turning it into sound, but once they heard the prototype in action, they were all very excited about its potential
The Boiler will be manufactured in a specially built earth friendly complex on the banks of the Derwent Dam on the outskirts of Sheffield, England, a place close to Joe Elliott’s heart.
“When I was a little boy, my parents & I would sometimes take a drive out to the Derwent Dam & we’d marvel at the beauty of the area. Knowing also how it was used to practice the delivery of the bouncing bomb in WW2, I saw an opportunity to change the dynamic of the dam’s history from being remembered for its contribution to destruction, into something more creative and positive”
The Boiler will be available in all good music shops.

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