Kobra and the Lotus, Brutai and Tomorrow is Lost – Think Tank? Newcastle upon Tyne, 29th November 2017

Music is the greatest thing. If you truly love music it will act as a bringer of joy, an emotional crutch and a time machine. However, it should never be an excuse for disgraceful behaviour … but for now, the great stuff

Last night’s rock n roll adventure saw me with Kobra and the Lotus at Think Tank? and immediately I was thrust back in time 6 years to the day they played at Jonny Hilary’s Railway. We’d not long before welcomed Lemmy the Labrador to the family and he thoroughly enjoyed the music that night (although not so much the drum sound check … everyone’s a critic, even the dog).

After a great interview with Brad and Marcus, it was time for music. Tomorrow is Lost were great, lots of potential, great hooks and riffs and Cass King is another to add to the list of great front women. It’s always great to find new local bands, doing their thing and trying to get to the next level and tonight was one of those nights. Great vocals, awesome riffs and a set that clearly left the crowd wanting more. Check them out folks, great stuff

Brutai next and WOW.. intense, proggy, growly. I liked a lot. With a new album just out, the Londoners were welcomed by the locals who were gifted a set including songs from the new album and great tracks from previous releases. To be honest, the world of growly vocals has kind of passed me by until the last year or so but I really have discovered that when it is delivered in this way (thought provoking, intense but measured whilst combined with more “traditional” singing) it really does catch my attention

Kobra and The Lotus were superb. Despite reporting illness, Kobra sang and performed like a woman possessed. What a voice and the band are tighter than a duck’s chuff. Clearly advocates of the “We are here to entertain you” old school – Marcus showed how to do a drum solo …. play recognisable drum riffs from other bands for audience participation. Heavy metal panto season? Oh no it isn’t (I’ll get my coat).

A great set covering lots of bases from their career, a bit of Zeppelin and tonnes of energy and controlled power and might. The latest release, “Prevail I” (part one of a two disc plan) features well and the addition of loops and samples from the album prove why bands should use tracks live – to really reflect the band live as who they are and what they are trying to produce. This is no excuse to cover the actual performance – this is about adding to the sound, and what a sound. KATL truly blend all the elements that are the best in rock and metal. Kobra Paige is one hell of a performer and if this is what she feels is sub-par, then I cannot wait for the next time to see them again at 100%. This happy man left clutching two CDs (yep, we buy stuff to dontcha know) but most of all great memories of a staggeringly great show.

The music industry is no longer the stuff of legend that was the 70s and 80s (sorry to burst your bubble, folks) – bands don’t earn millions and survive on us supporting their efforts. For a band like KATL who work so hard to deliver both on record and live it must be frustrating to have to put up with some of the BS that surrounds the industry – this is not just about Kobra, this is a band and that must get forgotten sometimes.

Oh yeah, rant time. To the completely bladdered individual who thought grabbing at Kobra was (a) allowed (b) acceptable and (c) entertaining/amusing … guess what? It was none of those things. A wise man said “Man in deep hole should stop digging”, so, no, saying “I’ve never been to a club like this” did not help the situation nor excuse it. You, maggot, are why men get a bad reputation. Oh yeah, whilst I’m at it – learn to behave with your fecking phone. Thrusting that and your beer inches from Kobra’s face for the ENTIRE performance was neither big nor clever. Drink less dizzy water, do NOT treat women like that or just stay at home watching X-Factor

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