Raveneye, SKAM and Too Close For Missiles – Think Tank, Newcastle upon Tyne 28th Jnauary 2018

Not even the end of January and already 2018 is stacking up to be a great year for live music. Tonight saw out intrepid souls head over to Think Tank in Newcastle for the latest date on the Raveneye tour of the UK and what a night we were infor. Having had the pleasure of witnessing th almighty sound that the three piece makes I knew tonight was going to be a treat but what makes these nighys even more special can be the other bands on the bill. Tonight was no exception

First up, Too Close for Missiles brought their own brand of rock n roll to the masses. The lazy journalist in me would be tempted to chuck pigeon holes at you (pop/rock/punk, etc) and try and make the “For fans of ….” comparisons but, that would be grossly unfair to these North East based fellas. What  I will say is I thoroughly enjoyed them – I am a sucker for melody and Too lose for Missiles have this in abundance. Add to that some awesome crunch and boom (like all rock bands should provide) and you have a package that brought a smile to my face and to the rapidly filling up venue. Follow these guys, check them out and you will not be disappointed.

Main support, SKAM, are no strangers to me having seen them at MelFest in Newcastle last year and as ever they do not ever disappoint. Given my ideal band formation has two guitars, bass, drums and (probably) keyboard I am always amazed by the sound that some of the latest breed of 3 piece bands create. Blasting through songs from their latest release “The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard” plus a great selection from their first two albums you never get the feeling that any part of the sound is lacking. WIth hints of their influences they do what all great bands should – ceate their own place in the world of rock by producing what makes them happy and that translates to happy crowds. Great to see they have already announced another tour for this year (co-headline with Florence Black) which kicks off in March and continues into April (shame no North East date this time but if they are near you, get there).

And so to Raveneye. My trouble here is saying something that hasn’t been said before. They produce the most glorious combination of rock, blues and ultimate technique and at no point does any part of what they do get sacrificed for any other. Unbeleievably cool yet totally connected to a loyal and growing fanbase, it is easy to see why the like of Kiss have einvited them to tour whilst still retaining that most old fashioned of things – a really high work ethic. Nothing that Raveneye have achieved or do is down to luck this is hard graft and talent personified.  This is a band for whom the largest stages should be no challenge – three men whose performance fills the room whatever the size. Infectious fun abounds – come on, shoulder rides through the crowd? Jumping into the crowd mid song? You would need to be lacking a pulse not to be drawn in and need to jump on board the Raveneye train. Some say they don’t make bands like they used to – wrong, they do and Raveneye are they

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