The Last Great Dreamers, Psychobabylon and LoGOz – Trillians, Newcastle Upon Tyne 22nd April 2018

Another night, another trip to The Toon for a gig. What a life I lead, eh? Tonight was another one of those where the city was kind of inundated with gigs but this one was always going to be the winner for me – having experienced the infectious glam/pop/rock/punk/insert own description performances of the Last Great Dreamers several times over the last couple of years (the first couple of times at the sorely missed Railway in Bolton, then at festivals and on supports) and they have firmly become favourites in my house. Touring to support their latest release, “13th Floor Renegades”, tonight was always going to be a blinder and it didn’t disappoint.

First up, local band, LoGOz were certainly “on the minutes” with their arrival. Just as I was thinking, “Ah well, one less set of photos to process”, they appeared set up their gear and hit the ground running with a set of their own unique brand of infectious, upbeat, powerful Alternative Punk Pop Rock ‘n’ Roll  Short and sweet (if punk can be sweet?), their edgy set was great and I look forward to seeingPeesh (lead guitar and vocals), Paul (guitar and backing vocals) and Carl (drums)  out on the road soon.

Next up, Psychobabylon. these fine fellows from Yorkshire brought their particular blend of dirty, heavy, catchy rock and roll with a sprinkling of darkness, metal and just the right amount of the ridiculous (their own words but summed it up to perfection. With energy, power and the songs to match I was gripped by their performance from the get go. Taking the music seriously but not quite themselves – just my kind of band and a really good fit with the line up. Every band has that element of genre cross dressing that should make them all totally accessible no matter your own particular musical peccadillo – or perhaps that is just too much of a challenge for the modern music consumer? I dare you, reach out for something new and grab it – especially with bands like Psychobabylon and Last Great Dreamers – something familiar whilst taking you somewhere new along the this musical journey.

Finally for this fabulous Sunday of musical entertainment, the Last Great Dreamers. With Marc, Slyder and Denly joined by Berty Burton (from Tigertailz) deputising on bass, the small but perfectly formed crowd were surely in for a treat.Hot on the heals of the latest release, the set contained lots of well known tracks from their past and plenty from the new one. Sure I have had the album a short while for review (it is coming boys, promise) but  it is still quite “new” for me, yet live the new ones sound just like old friends. As ever, the likes of “Dope School”, “Oblivion Kids”, “Glitterball Apocalypse” (a regular YouTube visit for me as the video has lots of clips of my beloved Railway) and “White Light (Black Heart)” always bring the crowd alive and new ones clearly do the same. “No Sunshine” is clearly a favourite already.

The Last Great Dreamers always give a performance full of energy and spirit and with their repertoire of such a unique blend of influences they truly are the band that should be your new favourites. There is something for everyone (well, perhaps not the death metal fans out there, but you get my point). What’s not to love? The perfect blend of melody, the catchiest of hooks, a sprinkling of old school punk attitude and some great rock riffs. Renegades in this world of pigeon holed music consumption? You bet and you need Last Great Dreamers in your life.

“13th Floor Renegades” is available now







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