Jizzy Pearl, Doomsday Outlaw and Emperors of the Wasteland – Think Tank? Newcastle Upon Tyne, 3rd May 2018

Another night, another show (ooh get me, just like being a rock star). Tonight was all about Jizzy Pearl visiting Think Tank in Newcastle. A 3 band set and curfew meant for an early star (plus I had an interview arranged with Phil and Indy from Doomsday Outlaw) … so early that it was a slightly earlier than planned start but at least I was there meaning I could check out all that the bill had to offer. To be honest I will always try to make sure I am there for the start of most shows – how else do we get the new blood to entertain us when the others stop?

Hailing from Derbyshire, Emperors of the Wasteland hit the stage whilst I was still mid-interview. However, what I could hear sounded mighty fine and as soon as possible got myself in front of the stage camera in hand. Comments included having a Kevin Dubrow quality to the vocal, I had NWOBHM in my mind at times but, hey, it ain’t about pigeon holes is it? They sounded like Emperors of the Wasteland and what a mighty fine sound it is. Riffs a plenty, quality songs and boy was it catchy. So much so that, cash burning a wee hole in my pocket, I was straight to the merch stand to buy a copy of the album. GA great start to the evening and I hope to catch up with the boys soon.

Doomsday Outlaw were next up. Bringing their own Outlaw blend of influences and styles to the party, you can see why Frontiers Records were so keen to get them onboard immediately they released debut album “Suffer More”. Like tonight’s headliner, Doomsday Outlaw have a new album out (their first on Frontiers) on 11th May and the set tonight provided a great opportunity for them to mix songs from the new one, “Hard Times”, with tunes from their past. What a show – rock, blues, funk and more blend together to provide their own special blend of rock and roll. Another band to watch and hopefully proving that the future of rock n roll is in good hands.

Jizzy Pearl has a new album dropping this week. “All You Need I Soul”, and this tour is a chance for us to hear stuff from the new one alongside classics from his illustrious history.  Very often, new records can simply be an attempt to rework the sound and style of past glories. For Jizzy that was never going to be enough and the latest recordings sound very much like a man possessed of drive, determination and an urge to produce something for now rather than yesterday. Even better, the quality of the new stuff sounds very much on par with the classics. They do say class is permanent, eh? Bounding round the stage like a man possessed, Mr Pearl is clearly an exponent of doing what you love – it shows. This didn’t strike me as a “show by numbers” or of a man “phoning it in”.

Top notch band providing the right elements of grit and power, yet allowing the centre of attention to preen and prance as ever. Of course, we were going to be treated to the classics from the arsenal – I still have a love for “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope” , but all the components are still very much in full racing mode. Attitude, drive and passion in one ageless bundle? You bet. What a show, and with dates still to go on the UK tour – get yourself to one if you can.

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