This is one album that I couldn’t wait to listen to, albeit with a bit of trepidation, from veteran Norwegian rockers TNT, who have been on the melodic rock scene for over 35 years. I wont lie I a massive Tony Harnell fan, and didn’t really want to like this album, and maybe I’m being slightly biased but the 3 albums TNT did with Tony Mills, just didn’t do for me, and I thought that XIII, TNT’s thirteenth would go down that same road of not sounding like a proper TNT album should do.

I’ve amazing memories of watched TNT play live at the old Marquee club in London in 1987, and again last year at Hair Metal Heaven Festival in Hull, where they played all their hits to a packed crowd. When you have two brilliant musicians in the form of guitar great Ronnie Le Tekro & Tony Harnell, you have something really speacial and you don’t want to see that partnership break up.


So with that in mind and Tony Harnell’s decision to part ways with the band, TNT are back in business with a new singer in tow, in the form of Baol Bardot Bulsara. The album kicks off with ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ which is surpringly good, and some of the old TNT sound is still there too. Up next is the melodic rocker ‘Not Feeling Anything’, which for me is average at best and just doesn’t deliver. ‘Fair Warning’ tries to sound too much like the classic track ‘Downhill Racer’ but again its just a bit average for me.  The modern sounding ‘Its Electric’ and melodic ‘Where You Belong’ fair a bit better, and are helped by Ronnie Le Tekro’s sublime guitar playing. For me ‘Cant Breath Anymore’ is the albums standout track, and although not classic TNT , offers great vocals, melodies & harmonies throughout.’Get Ready from Some Hard Rock’ just doesn’t really do it for me, trying to sound too polished and it just doesn’t work. ‘People Come Together’ is a great track, together with the melodic ‘Tears In My Eyes’ are up with the best tracks on the album. ’17th Of May’ and ‘Catch a Wave’ are again very average and just don’t provide anything of quality at all. Final track ‘Sunshine’ is a great track, with great melodies , guitars & vocals , and brings this album to a close.

So ive tried to be as impartial as i can with this record, there are some very good tracks on offer, great guitar playing throughout, and in fairness to Bulsara, he can sing really well. But for me the album just lacks that TNT magic of old, too many average plodders for me, and in my opinion if TNT continue with this line-up they will need to up their game.


  1. We’re Gonna Make It
  2. Not Feeling Anything
  3. Fair Warning
  4. It’s Electric
  5. Where You Belong
  6. Can’t Breathe Anymore
  7. Get Ready For Some Hard Rock
  8. People, Come Together
  9. Tears In My Eyes
  10. 17th Of May
  11. Catch A Wave
  12. Sunshine

Available on Frontiers Records and released on 8th June

MIXED:by Tommy Hansen & Ronni Le Tekro at JAILHOUSE STUDIOES, DENMARK
MASTERED BY: Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studioes

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