SOS Festival XI, Day Two – Longfield Suite, Prestwich 13th July 2018

Thoroughly refreshed, it was time to leave the hotel and make our way back to Prestwich for the second day of SOS Festival 2018 and straight from the off, the day proved an absolutely amazing experience.

I lovedoved my first experience of Red Spektor at SOS Festival. Phenomenal is the only word for their brooding take on hard rock, so pleased that I finally got a chance to hear the band that colleagues and friends had told me so much about in recent years. Even better John, Daz and Rob spared a while to chat to Rock Zone UK …. coming later this week

The great thing about SOS Festival is that it is family friendly …. and this year, as if to prove the point we were treated to the fabulous sight and sound of KIDZ. Hyper cute and a great performance for ones so young. Belting out a set of rock classics that clearly indicated what lies within their parents record collections, these three young uns showed us all that rock isn’t dead – future main stage awaits

One thing is for sure about SOS Festival – the quality of bands on offer is amazing and with a variety of styles suited to pretty much every rock fan. This year was definitely one where the female rockers were front and centre of attention.

Having seen JOANovARC at Hard Rock Hell last November, it was great to catch up again with ShelleyLauraDeborah and Samantha. Interview coming later in the week

Shots of Kikamora from Day 2 of this year’s SOS Festival. A busy weekend … full of great music and fantastic people.

I’d heard great things about Gin Annie UK so was really looking forward to their set at SOS Festival. The energy, enthusiam and effervescence of their performance totally blew me away. Can’t wait to catch up with them again in August when they appear at the very wonderful Trillians Newcastle as part of their tour around the UK with the Graham Bonnet Band (put together by friends of Rock Zone UK, the very wonderful Shock City Productions … get your tickets bought folks).

Great to catch up for an interview with DavidByronBrianPhill and Jack … online later in the week. Peter Keevil at TMR Band Management has done it again … another great band that he’s working with.

Just a couple from Ramage Inc. at SOS Festival 2018. Great set gents

Next up at SOS Festival we have the quite incredible Bad PollyannaOliviaNikki and Paul were a prime example of why I love festivals like this – they give me a chance to see and hear bands that have not crossed the Rock Zone UK radar and every festival has at least one band that wins me over immediately.

This year Bad Pollyanna’s set was just the thing for these ears. Hints of indutrial, dollops of gothic sensibility and, most significantly, a performance that captivated me from the first notes. I had to get the albums (done) and look forward to catching them on the road again just as soon as I can.

Check them out via Facebook and follow the links to their online store if you like something that makes you think about what you’re listening to

I was really looking forward to seeing Dendera play their set at SOS Festival having done my usual trick of falling for a band and then tracking down other bands that the individual members had been/were a part of. In this case, the first stop had been Eden’s Curse, this lead to Power Quest and the next step was Dendera.

I hate pigeonholes but power metal at it’s finest from Ashley EdisonDavid Stanton (interview with Ash and David coming soon), Steve MainBradley Edison and Andy Finch. Thoroughly enjoyed them and can’t wait to catch them again in September at Trillians Newcastle when they are on tour with Demon.

Saturday night at SOS Festival was headlined by the ever awesome Absolva. A blistering set from the British metal superheroes was the perfect end to day two.

The core trio of Chris AppletonMartin Mcnee and Karl Shaby Schrammwere joined by Tom Atkinson from Vice to ensure the signature Absolva sound kept the same power whilst Luke Appleton was busy with his Iced Earth duties in Europe.

More UK shows for the tail end of the year are scheduled and later inthe week our interview with Chris Appleton will be online.

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