Gin Annie Interview – SOS Festival July 2018

This year’s SOS Festival was something very special. It is always an amazing event but this one was particularly great – an awesome mix of bands that catered for all tastes but, for me, it also gave me the opportunity to catch some bands who I’d not seen previously but that I’d heard great things about. One such was Gin Annie who put in a blistering set that won me over from the off, great songs and my interview with David, Byron, Brian, Phill and Jack was a great deal of fun – just the right level of silly to appeal to me. Hopefully you will enjoy it just as much when you click the link below.

The band’s work ethic is one to impress – and we started off by talking about the amount of festival shows they have done and have coming up

Better still, why don’t you go and catch the boys on the road. Next for them is the tour with The Graham Bonnet Band, Rock-Zone Uk will be catching them in Newcastle later this week but do yourselves a favour and get those tickets bought (plus depending on which show(s) you get to you will also be able to catch up with those other friends of Rock-Zone Hollowstar and Doomsday Outlaw. We can’t wait

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