The Radio Sun – Beautiful Strange

Every year of our lives certain things are inevitable – birthdays, Christmas, taxes – you know what I mean, don’t you? Well the last four years have seen something else added to that list for me and many others …. The Radio Sun will release a new album and they will appear at Hard Rock Hell and 2018 continues the theme. Having already played at Hard Rock hell in March (along with a small but perfectly formed UK tour – with next year’s HRH AOR appearance already announced along with another tour of the UK lined up) the boys that bring the sunshine from Down Under reach August 2018 and a new album is about to be released into the world. “Beautiful Strange” is their fifth (yes you read that right, fifth) since their debut in 2014. The most impressive feat that the four (fronted by the charismatic Jason Old on lead vocals, guitar slinger Stevie Janevski, bassist Anthony Wong & drummer Gilbert Annese) pull off is that each album develops their sound, the songwriting (which has always been killer) gets better and with “Beautiful Strange” they truly have nailed their purpose to the flagpole (if that metaphor even makes sense).

Opening with “Hold On Tight” (check out the video below … and no, unfortunately I’m not in this one) and I was immediately hit by, of course, the vocals and harmonies which bring all of the best bits of melodic rock/AOR to mind but mostly by the guitar from Steve. It struck me that The Radio Sun had added a bit more grit to the sound through the guitar riffs and solos. A one-off? Nope … this continues throughout all of the album. With all four members singing backing vocals, the boys delve into layered vocal harmonies reminiscent of the classics – Queen, The Sweet & Def Leppard (is it any wonder then , for those readers that have spotted my musical influences, that I love the band so much?). This is not to say that they don’t have their own sound. The Radio Sun have great unique hooks in their songs. The new album is another progression for the band, with songs like ‘Hold On Tight’ and ‘Miss Wonderful’ grooving like never before. ‘As Long As You Want Me’ and ‘Five Years After’ are both melodic bliss, boosted by a great production by Paul Laine (solo, The Defiants) and mastering by Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger, The Defiants).

You get classic elements of The Radio Sun from their previous records – lots of sunshine, heaps of melody and a sense of summer. “Have You Got What It Takes”, “I Don’t Want To See You Cry” and “Hearts On Fire” are three personal favourites and the fact these are later ib the running order shows just how great a bunch of songs the boys have put together for this one. All killer, no filler and there is something about The Radio Sun’s ballads that cathc my heart and hold it. That said it is the uptempo ones that won me over four years ago and so it remains.

The Radio Sun have worked very hard to build up their following by touring all over the world in support of each and every release. Performances in Japan, Europe, United States, United Kingdom and their home country Australia has shown the band’s ability to rise. The Radio Sun are the first band to ever play Hard Rock Hell AOR Fest U.K four times in a row, whilst also having played at Melodic Rock Fest on four different occasions.

The album and new merchandise is available directly from the band, now, via  their shop (click here to order “Beautiful Strange and more, right away). The new album ‘Beautiful Strange’ is out August 24th on Pride & Joy Music Germany and Anderstein Music Japan.


1. Hold On Tight
2. Believe In Me
3. Should Have Listened To My Heart
4. As Long As You Want Me
5. Out Of This World
6. Miss Wonderful
7. Have You Got What It Takes
8. I Do Not Want To See You Cry
9. Hearts On Fire
10. Beautiful Secret
11. Five Years After
12. Standing Tall United

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