Hank Erix , the frontman for Swedish AOR band HOUSTON. A band that I have championed from the very start, as I reviewed their debut way back in 2010 and witnessed their very first gig in the UK. For Me HOUSTON have delivered quality AOR / Melodic rock to the highest level over these past 8 years, and this carries on with Hank Erix’s solo debut offering  ‘Nothing but Trouble’. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Mats Ericsson at BoomBridge Studios. Recorded at BoomBridge Studios & Erix Music & Production Studios, with Executive producer Hank Erix.

The album features songs that has been brewing in Hank’s Melodic Rock locker for years and sees the band leader of HOUSTON taking a big step forward from the traditional Houston sound, as what we have on offer here is more of a hard-edged mainstream rock vibe. Abley assisting Hank Erix on this album are members of Therion, Degreed, Art Nation, Wildness, Kryptonite , Palace, Gutterdämerung & Adrenaline Rush.

The album kicks off with a cracking track ‘Turn To Darkness’ which is a real in your face melodic gem of a tune, with great melodies, soaring vocals & crunching guitars. This is swiftly followed by ‘Last Chance to Love’, which is another melodic gem of track, before first single ‘Fortune Hunter’ reminds me of ‘Tooth & Nail’ era Dokken, which for me is no bad thing. ‘Way to Go’ and ‘Shadowdance’ drive the album through with their masterful melodic vocals and quality hook’s & riffs, before my personal favorite on the album ‘Affair Of The Heart’ is offered up, and for me a sure-fire next single. Tracks such as ‘Electricity’ and ‘Freak’ showcase some great songwriting before final tracks ‘Giving Up on Love’ and ‘For The Restless and Young’, bring this masterful melodic hard rock release to a close.

For me this is an essential purchase for all the melodic rockers out there, Hank Erix has delivered an album that in my opnion, is only surpassed by the majestic HOUSTON debut release, it’s that good. “Nothing But Trouble” is released on 5th October 2018 on Livewire/Cargo Records

Label: Livewire/Cargo Records UK
Genre: AOR/Melodic Hard Rock
Country: Sweden
Format: CD Album/Digital
Release Date: October 5th, 2018

Track listing:
1. Turn To Darkness
2. Last Chance To Love
3. Fortune Hunter
4. Way To Go
5. Shadowdance
6. Affair Of The Heart
7. Electricity
8. Freak
9. Giving Up On Love
10. For The Restless & The Young

Hank Erix – Lead & Backing vocals
Michael Palace – Lead Guitars & Backing vocals
Soufian Ma’Aoui – Bass
Daniel Johansson – Rhythm Guitars
Mats Ericsson – Drums Micke Jansson – Keyboard / Synth

Additional guests:
Linnea Vikström – Lead vocals & Backing vocals on ‘Affair Of The Heart’
Alexander Hagman – Lead guitar on ‘Affair Of The Heart’
Sam Söderlind – Guitar solo on ‘Last Chance To Love’
Michael Palace – Additional guitars on ‘Last Chance To Love’
Victor Lundberg – Backing vocals on ‘Shadowdance’

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