GIN ANNIE Stranded As Booking Agent Goes Bankrupt

SO much for the rock n roll lifestyle, eh? Trust me the big bucks and lavish lifestyle are very much a thing of the past, if they ever existed. Then things like this happen – not just the very wonderful (and great friends of Rock-Zone) GIN ANNIE but the same situation has also affected the brillaint band from the North East of England, Tomorrow Is Lost. It all sounds horrendous for these hard working, beautiful souls. Bands bring us all so much pressure but this ain’t no easy life, just check this out


Wolverhampton based rock band, GIN ANNIE, are now trying to make their way home just 5 dates into a 25 day European tour with Diamond Head, after the booking agent failed to pay the transportation company, leaving them stranded in Belguim and unable to meet the costs of continuing.

The band had already paid ££ thousands towards the costs of the tour and now find themselves needing to arrange transport for themselves and equipment back to the UK.

Band manager, Peter Keevil, has set up a Go Fund Me page for anybody wishing to help the band recover from the financial loss.

He said, “I have spoken with the guys and they are obviously distraught. I work with a number of bands all trying to break through in a tough industry. They have ploughed thousands into this tour, only to have it ripped from under them.”

“We will try but there is little hope of getting any money back as the agent has had his assets frozen by German Tax officials. He has told us that he intends to pay us back but we will just be in the queue of any other creditors he has let down.”

“I’m gutted for the guys. They have begged and borrowed to fund this tour, taken extended holidays from day jobs and just put so much effort in. I just hope they can recover.”


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