Blood Red Saints – Pulse

Finally, I can write something about a record that I have had the pleasure of having heard months ago. Just like with 2018’s “Love, Hate, Conspiracies”, Pete Godfrey wanted to know what I thought about the latest fruits of their labours. The third album by British rockers Blood Red Saints is called “Pulse” and it is amazingly good and the finished version is different from the first one I heard.

The album, released through AOR Heaven on February 22nd, 2019 and sees the band modernising their sound whilst still retaining the big choruses. Guitarist Lee Revill is the man tasked with mixing and engineering the album as well as co-producing alongside Pete Godfrey. Between the lot of them they have created a record that really takes the Blood red Saints to the next level – each release has surpassed the last and this one is my favourite of the lot.

Featuring 11 tracks all written by Revill/Godfrey and the album has a more contemporary edge, trying to push the boundaries of Melodic Rock. Songs such as “Cross to bear” and “Crash into me”, edge into radio friendly territory whilst “I’m your Devil” has a more raw punky feel. The title track “Pulse” is all about the chant and should be a great live number, “Animals” and “Message to God” being full on rockers. Every element on the record hits the money as far as I am concerned. Guitars sound immense, drums and vocals have the kind of studio sheen once only found at the hands of Mutt Lange. This is no 80s throwback, each element has a contemporary sound and stretches the band even further along an ever so slightly harder edged road (don’t panic you lot, tonnes of melody but a wee bit more grunt). I love the use of the spoken word samples (seen on the first two records as well) as it gives the band a clearly identifiable sound.

The band says: “This album is more personal, dealing with life events of the past year but still maintaining a positive stance. Everybody brought their best to this recording, no compromises, no excuses, simply the best 11 songs we could write and we are proud of the results, after all, without music and fun, what is there?” 

Without question best of the three so far from Blood Red Saints, and the last one was probably my favourite 2018 release. Just get it preordered – and enjoy the lovely photos of the band on the back cover

Track Listing:

  1. Believer
  2. Animals
  3. Cross To Bear
  4. Invincible
  5. I’m Your Devil
  6. Crash Into Me
  7. Pulse
  8. Message To God
  9. Warrior
  10. What Have We Become
  11. Bring Me To Life


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