John Corabi brings his ‘Europe Acoustic Tour 2019’ to the UK

Former Mötley Crüe (and current Dead Daisies) vocalist John Corabi brings his ‘Europe Acoustic Tour 2019’ to the UK in the first few days of February. Shake off those chilly, winter blues with a night of magic from John Corabi as he brings some acoustic love to Europe in the early stages of 2019 and having staretd in Scandinavia, Poland and Germany he reaches the UK for four intimaye shows before heading back to the European mainland (visiting Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Spain.


Having has the pleasure of speaking with John during the Dead Daisies tour last November (check it out again here ) we are certain that along with great songs he willl also give us some great stories along the course of the evening, Hopefully we will be able to bring you some news of what the show at Newcastle’s fabulous Cluny


Ful European dates are:

FEB 03    Bannerman’s Bar  Sunday, 7:00PM   Edinburgh, United Kingdom
FEB 04    Cluny      Monday, 7:00PM  Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
FEB 05    Eleven     Tuesday, 7:00PM  Stoke, United Kingdom
FEB 07    Cave Bernunes    Thursday, 7:00PM  Sierre, Switzerland
FEB 08    Joni’s Lion Cave    Friday, 7:00PM  Wartau, Switzerland
FEB 09    Telfs Lebt    Saturday, 7:00PM  Telfs, Austria
FEB 10    Salle Le Champmeslé    Sunday, 7:00PM  Carouge, Switzerland
FEB 11    Rock N Eat    Monday, 7:00PM  Lyon, France
FEB 13    Borderline Club    Wednesday, 7:00PM Pisa, Italy
FEB 14    Officine Sonore    Thursday, 7:00PM  Vercelli, Italy
FEB 15    Casino Barrière    Friday, 7:00PM  Courrendlin, Switzerland
FEB 16    Sala Mardi Gras    Saturday, 8:00PM  A Coruna, Spain

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