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Determined to beat the “January Blues”, Sister Rose have released their latest album “No Cause For Distraction”. The release follows their self-titled debut album “Sister Rose” and was assisted into production by a successful Pledge Music campaign. Since it’s release on January 15th, the album has been played on radio stations in the UK, USA, Spain, France, Greece and Canada with more set to air soon. I’ve said it before and will no doubt say it repeatedly in the future, this reviewing lark is an amazing opportunity for a music obsessive like me. Sure you get the joy of hearing new stuff early (and I cannot describe how thrilled I still get about this) but more significantly I have got to meet lots of great bands through the years, who very kindly tolerate my ramblings and have become, I like to think, good friends. A case in point is Sister Rose who have been in existence in The North West of England for quite a few years on and off, and the guys in the band had many mutual firneds so it has been a pleasure to get to know Chris, Simon, Wayne and Craig (yeah, OK, Clanger) quite well since the release of their first album (“Sister Rose” for those of you that haven’t got it – you need to get a copy if you haven’t already). The first full lengther truly captured the energy of their live shows whilst giving the studio polish that the listeners of the new millennium would expect. Album number 2, “No Cause For Distraction”, takes what they managed first time out and truly develops it to the next level. More passion, more life, great lyrics, AMAZING guitar sounds and just the right display of the band’s sense of humour (of which more later).

This time round, the band opted for the Pledge route for funding the record. I am a MASSIVE fan of this principle – as a listener/fan you pre-order the record from a band you already love, the band can finance it and if all goes to plan, everybody is happy. One successful campaign later and we have “No Cause for Distraction”, 10 tracks that provide give you a truly rocking listen. It has all of those things that hooked me to rock music and keeps me hooked today – guitars, great tunes, guitars, a message that is not just throw away fluff, guitars, a driving rhythm section, great vocals and … did I mention crunching guitars? The production has a magical proportion to it – big and bold but never at the expense of the song. Each element cuts through the mix in just the right way. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I LOVE the record (and yes I was one of the Pledgers and am delighted with the end result). As a fan of any band you want to hear the things that first attracted your attention but I need progression – time waits for no man and who wants to hear any band simply replicate their history? Not me, for sure.

Ten tracks of new, old-school rock is on offer here. From the opener, “Bullet” through to final track (and my favourite from the very first listen) “W.T.F. (are we watching)” you are presented with the kind of music that will appeal to lovers of everything from NWOBHM right through to that rather cool (in my mind anyway) later 80s sound with bang on social commentary and amazing vocal and musical performances. “W.T.F.” makes me smile every time I hear it – especially as it takes me back to the joys of TVs “Rainbow” … just go and check it out


The album stays true to Sister Rose’s mission “to bring 1980’s Rock into today’s music” and has been credited (in reference to Track 10: WTF (are we watching) ) as being “Totally rebellious. 80’s Hair Metal with a zero f*cks given vibe”.

Consisting of ten tracks, the album gives credit to the Pledgers who contributed to it’s funding campaign and indeed one of the contributors (Mike O’Brien) is featured on the back cover alongside the band’s best pal and canine companion Raven The Bedlington.

Speaking for the band, founding member (and the only one remaining from the original 1980’s line-up!) Craig Fearnley (aka Clanger) said: “We are so proud of this album. We have brought a new sound to the Sister Rose party and we know that it doesn’t disappoint. We were blown away by the response to our Pledge Campaign and now we just want to bring this album to festivals anywhere and everywhere we can.”

The album was recorded at Red Wall Studios in Bury and was mixed and mastered by Pointy Halo Productions. The artwork and logo were designed by Steve Kenny with credit for the original photo going to Sue Bradburn from On The Edg Photography.

“No Cause For Distraction” is available to buy online and is streaming across all major digital platforms. Sister Rose are beginning this year’s live performances with an album launch party which takes place in Tottington, Lancashire on Friday February 1st. Other 2019 appearances currently include: Grimm Up North, Mearfest North and British Steel (Fismes) and as support for Myke Gray (ft Kim Jennett) in Blackpool.

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