Tragedy with Fallen Mafia – Trillians Newcastle upon Tyne, 25th February 2019

A Monday night in the North East of England at the cold dark part of the year doesn’t sound like a lot of people’s first choice for a party, does it? Apparently those fine chaps from New York City didn’t get that message and chose Trillians as their venue of delight for this Monday night. What would happen? If the built it would they come? They certainly did – and then some. What a stormer of a night full of laughter, dancing and some of the happiest of folks this side of the Tyne to witness and take part.


First up, Fallen Mafia came to get the evening started and what a top job they did warming up the crowd. This was my first time seeing them and I truly hope it won’t be my last. Some great songs and a top performance meant for a fine start to the evening’s festivities. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – get to the show early and find your newest favourite band.


And so to the main event. Tragedy came to decimate Newcastle upon Tyne City on their latest visit to our shores. Each year they bring their unique take on various classics and give them the Tragedy twist. Hot on the heels of the latest album release, “Tragedy Goes to the Movies” (my review is HERE, in case you missed it), the fun filled show highlighted just what a party should be like regardless of the day of the week. Who would’ve thought you’d see a bunch of hard rocking Geordies partying top Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” (with a few choice Poison riffs chucked at it) and a few of their trademark Bee Gees sing -a-longs? Well they did – a top turnout of a crowd all having an absolute blast. Tragedy virgins clearly loved it just as much as the guy for whom this was his 50th Tragedy show (50th? I thought I was doing well with my close to 10 times but, man, I salute you). With a set made up of a great cross section from all their albums which prove they are still moving onwards with the routine (yes they are still the All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees, but only 4 Bee Gees songs tonight). The movies album is great – the Tragedy version of “Skyfall” is incredible proving what a great song it is. In fact, that is probably why Tragedy are such fun live – all of the songs they choose are first and foremost, great songs that have been phenomenally well written and so work perfectly in a different genre.

Loads of confetti and glitter remain part of the show (as does Lance, who this time around has promoted himself to being DJ Lance) but do not let the sparkle and gags fool you. Vocals are shared amongst the band, musical performances are of the highest order and, sure they are funny but it is still a show of the highest calibre music wise. In a nutshell, regardless of day of the week or time of year, Tragedy bring the party and you are all invited – don’t miss them next time around.

Lots of fun had, come back soon to decimate some more UK cities


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