Luke Appleton Interview

In advance of the release of his debut album, “Snake Eyes”, Luke Appleton (of Iced Earth and Absolva fame) very kindly took some time to speak to Rock-Zone UK about the new album, being a bass player and some of the guests on the new album (original Iced Earth singer Gene Adam, Absolva frontman/Blaze Bayley guitarist Chris Appleton, Metaprism singer Theresa Smith and Babylon Fire guitarist Rishi Mehta).

‘Snake Eyes’ is the follow-up to the acoustic EP ‘How Does It Feel to Be Alive?’ which was released in 2018. In contrast, although ‘Snake Eyes’ is acoustic-based, it features some electric guitar, midi-orchestration and percussion. The result is a real mix of rhythms and vibe, from the emotional ‘Crocodile Tears’ to the upbeat ‘Medusa’, to the beauty of the vocal duet in ‘First Star’.

The album was recorded in February 2019, engineered and produced by Luke‘s brother and fellow Absolva member Chris Appleton who also produces (and plays guitar) for former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley. Artwork by Brazilian Caio Caldes of Cadiesart (Dragonforce/Absolva).


The album is released 26th April 2019 on the Rocksector Records label and is available to order now from Luke‘s own website

Luke has this to say…. “Snake Eyes is an emotional rollercoaster of which I’m extremely proud. Lyrically and performance-wise I believe this is some of my best work to-date. I wanted to create something that is much more than ‘just an acoustic album’ and I feel I’ve succeeded in that goal”


Fans will get the opportunity to see Luke perform on the road this year with the following tour dates arranged.

21st April : Belgium, Deinze, Cafe Elpee
27th April : UK, Whitehaven, Three Tuns
28th April : UK, Blackpool, Waterloo
3rd May : Belgium, Bree, Ragnarock
4th May : Belgium, Hamme, Rockfest Hall
10th May : Germany, Konstanz, Backstage Rock Bar
11th May : Germany, Balingen, Doppel Decker
18th May : Netherlands, Geleen, Cafe De Meister
19th May : Netherlands, Helmond, Muziek Cafe
26th May : UK, Bromsgrove, Breaking Bands Festival
13th July : UK, Manchester, SOS Festival
10th August : Finland, Kotka, Dark River Festival
1st September : UK, Newcastle, Trillians
5th September : Greece, Thessaloniki, Stones Rock Bar
6th September : Greece, Skydra, Stones Rock Bar
7th September : Greece, Athens, Tithora
20th September : UK, Bristol, The Gryphon
21st September, UK, Stoke, Freebird
22nd September, UK, Oldham, Whittles

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