Black Veil Brides Album Review We Stitch These Wounds

Black Veil Brides Album Review We Stitch These Wounds


Although most people think that they formed in Hollywood, Black Veil Brides actually started out in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2006. They were 5 members and they all started their music careers by playing in different clubs in the Cincinnati area and doing covers of well known songs, plus recording some of their own music. After releasing some classic songs such as A Devil for Me, Black Veil Brides started a gradually progressing fan base in the underground. And, soon enough, they started recording more songs, such as the title track We Stitch These Wounds, and Knives and Pens. Amazingly, the ballad, The Morticians Daughter, gives a detailed insight into how much the band really have grown & matured. The band actually started off with 5 members, but kept switching around because they were only recording demos, and they were also never sure of what they wanted. Though, after moving to LA, Andy Six found the members he felt would make the band. The line-up currently consists of vocalist Andy Six (formerly Biersack), bassist Ashley Purdy, guitarists Jake Pitts and Jinxx, and drummer Christian CC Coma. A key feature of the band is their style. They are always covered in black paint, just like their role models (80s classic rock band Kiss, featuring iconic member Gene Simmons).

Black Veil Brides start off the album with a 30 second introduction suitably named The Outcasts (Call To Arms). The title fits well as it shows what lead singer Andy Sixs childhood was like, and how he felt like an outcast to everyone when he was still at school. The lyrics:This record is for the outcasts. The following are stories of love, life, and never giving in. We are the Black Veil Brides. basically introduce the band. The story of giving in is aptly titled Never Give In. I believe that the meaning of this song is to never let anyone tell you what to be or what not to be and to just be yourself and follow your dreams. The lyrics that show this are:Never give in, never back down. The album itself therefore has three different themes which are expressed in the songs: Never Giving in, Love and Outcasts.

An aspect of the album which I really like is Andy Sixs deep vocals, which are beyond his years.I also really like Jake Pitts and Jinxx guitar solos on the album. One of the best solos by Pitts is on the song Beautiful Remains. I can easily recognise the song, mainly because of the solo. I think its one of the most technical solos Ive ever heard, and definitely one of the catchiest.Another song that features technical solos by Pitts & Jinxx is Sweet Blasphemy. This is another song that I can easily recognise just by the guitar solos. In a way, this is probably one of their signature songs, because of its popularity, and because of the solos, which could become well remembered for years to come.

Female drummer, Sandra Alvarenga, is technically superb. Sadly she left the band after the making of this album and I expect she will achieve great things in the future with her talent on the skins.

Another aspect which I find highly fascinating is how the album is heavy for pretty much its entirety apart from the track The Morticians Daughter, a melancholy ballad about regrets after the loss of a loved one, and the last track Carolyn, which creates an extreme emotional atmosphere. This ties in with the theme of outcasts, as Pitts went through hard times in his childhood (i.e. being bullied and/or isolated by lots of kids), as did Six, although Pitts suffered more physical abuse than most others. This also expresses how his mother went through a stage of major depression as she felt that it was all her fault that his family were living in awful poverty conditions. I personally think that its his way of thanking his mother for all of the good times he had and for helping him create something truly amazing in this case the song and basically being a part of the bands army.

Overall, I would give this album a 5 star rating. I believe that people who love rock/metal/gothic music or bands such as Murderdolls, Bullet for my Valentine and/or Escape the Fate would enjoy this album. I personally believe that with their legion of fans already 2011 could just be the Brides year.

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