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Drew Stevyns a prolific singer song writer who has been singing since the age of two developed his abilities as a singer songwriter in quite a remarkable way. Its a craft that Stevyns has spent years honing. The Maryland native spent his childhood singing in England in church and choirs. Music has always been a quiet intensity that has encompassed the path Stevyns continues to follow today.


After returning to the U.S., Stevyns sustained his musical development by taking piano lessons, singing in his high school chorus, and teaching himself to play guitar. After graduating high school and spending some time in college Stevyns worked a variety of jobs to fulfill his dream of playing music professionally. Before performing professionally Stevyns trenched his way through the seemingly impossible hurdles that every musician faces.

Its been a crazy ride! It was very difficult for awhile playing sometimes for money and sometimes for none. Every artist playing their own music is trying to standout in someway, which seems to be an almost impossible task at times. You have to give every part of yourself, everything you possibly canotherwise whats the point? The only thing I have ever wanted is to play music, its all I want to do!

Music has always been a close companion to Stevyns and it shows in his music. In each song that Stevyns writes he tries to tell his story through the words. There is a palpable sadness to Stevyns voice that makes his songs impossible to shake, and the music surges, hard-edged yet beautiful and melodic. Stevyns voice is hypnotic in nature and pulls the listeners close in a unique way that allows the audience to feel what Stevyns feels. Listeners are able to connect with Stevyns music in a very personal and emotional way that few artists are able to achieve in a career let alone a single song or performance.

Every experience you have in life only adds to your repertoire as a musician and in each performance I give, I try to convey that and put that behind my music.

Evoking a wide range of styles and influences, Stevyns music has firmly placed him in a tradition of modern-rock troubadours along with Jeff Buckley and Jim Morrison. Stevyns fervor filled voice calls to mind what Alice in Chains Layne Staley might have sounded like if he had listened to a few Tori Amos albums- passionate, resonant and sharp.

Stevyns has made a name for himself regionally, nationally, and internationally. The response has been extremely positive and Stevyns popularity continues to grow through a wide range of fans worldwide.

I am extremely flattered and humbled. I really couldnt ask for anything more.

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