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268498_1830404164246_1364633919_31565402_7855231_nPuddle Of Mudd are set to release an album of covers AND tour the UK in October after a long time away! Guitarist Paul Phillips gave us a few minutes of his time to tell us what Download was like and what’s going on with the band!

How was Download?
It was a little rough for us. We had extreme technical difficulties that sometimes happen on festival dates with no soundchecks and quick set changes. We basically had no monitors and my pedal board and wireless crapped out on me. We got through it and were honored to be there though. Looking forward to another one.

Do you think anyone noticed what was going on with your pedal and wireless? It hasn’t been mentioned in ANY reviews that I’ve read!
You know…I’m not sure. Probably some did and some didn’t. You just have to try and put on your happy face and keep going. I’m not always the best at that, but I try.

Did you get to see many of the other bands that were on?
I actually didn’t get to see one band. We had a shitload of press after our set and then I headed off on vacation.

Was it strange playing so early in the day?
It was a bit…yes, but that is what happens when you have great success somewhere and then “business associates” prevent you from going back for 7 or so years. You have to rebuild, so it’s all good.

Don’t worry you guys will be MUCH further up the bill this time next year !!!
Sounds good

I’ve seen a couple of interviews from the festival, did you do much press while you were over here and what vibe were you getting from the stuff you did do? Were you made to feel welcomed back to the UK?
Yeah, we did a bunch of press, and most of it was positive and welcoming. Most wanted to know why it had been so long. It was funny, a few asked if we had broken up and gotten back together. I was like…sure, whatever makes this sound more interesting. Ha

You told me previously that after Download you went to Paris and Amsterdam, was that a tourist thing or were you doing some PR work over there?
A little of both, but mostly vacation. I did some business with Monster Energy.

I saw that Doug was back with you guys is that a permenent thing?
I hope so.

In a recent interview you (or Wes) mentioned that you have new management. How is that working out because it seems to me as a fan, you really needed someone that was gonna go to bat for the band and particularly as a British fan, that wasn’t happening as far as we could see.
Night and day better. Obviously, our old management did some great things for us, but the relationship was frayed and the ideas were stale. We needed someone new with new ideas to come and give us the attention we need.

Does that mean we in the UK will actually get a CD release date for the next album?
Yes, and hopefully, all albums from here on out.

About bloody time too! All hail New Management!!Talking of the next album, I’ve heard it’s covers; what made you guys decide to do that?
We ended the last record cycle on such a bad note. Management problems, label problems, and we had come of a ridiculous tour called The Carnival of Madness. We needed a break, so we took 4 or 5 months off. It wasn’t long though before we started getting offers for summer tour dates. Since, we had nothing written, we thought we would do a few covers, so we would have something out there. Well, two lead to 14 that got cut down to 11. It was really just a fun idea that we dreamt up along with the big band tour to support it. A quick fun little thing. Something different to tie people over until the next original release.

Ive heard Shelter and it’s awesome. What’s the release date for the CD?
Thanks…August 30th in the states and a little later in the UK

Karen from would like to ask: What song of Puddle of Mudd’s do you think has been covered the most?
Probably She Hates Me

From Karen: How do you think the fans of the original band songs you covered are going to react when they hear them, with respect POM did a great job, or that some songs just shouldn’t be redone by anyone?
I’m sure a bit of both. We tackled some heavyweights, and everytime you do that, you are asking to be crucified. We did everything we could to be respectful to these classics and not murder them. I think some will see that and be pleasantly suprised and I’m sure some will never give it a chance. So far, people seem pleasantly suprised with Shelter.

The UK tour is coming up in October and we can’t WAIT! There are quite a good selection of Dates there!
Not too many. It is just a quick little two week run, but we are trying to lay the groundwork to come over more frequently.

Last but not least, do you have a new Drummer and what happened with Ryan?
Yes we do his name is Shannon Boone, as for Ryan it was just one of those things that wasn’t working out, it happens sometimes.

Thanks SO much for the interview Paul!

The tour dates for October UK Tour with Soil are as follows:

Tickets at all usual outlets!


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