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Rock Zone UK has taken to this young man quite a lot in the last couple of months. The CD blew us away and yes we’ve
been raving about him ever since! Drew Stevyns very kindly took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his experience on American’s Got Tallent and what it will take to get a UK tour out of him!

Where are you in the world right now?

I am in Baltimore, MD which is about 45 minutes from Washington D.C.

Tell us a little about who Drew Stevyns is!

I am a singer/songwriter who believes in the authenticity of music. I have been singing since the age of 2.Music has to be honest. It has to be based on what the writer feels or has experienced in their own life.

Who are your musical influences?

Nirvana, Beatles, Elvis Presley

Does it upset you when you’re ‘compared’ to another artist? (Such as me saying you sound like a more intense Chad Kroger! lol)

No, it does not upset me at all. It is natural to be compared to someone else that a person can identify with.

Now, as you know I stumbled upon your music quite by accident (And what a great accident that was!) But I’ve since discovered you were on America’s Got Talent!!!!!
I usually stay WAY clear of those shows when they’re shown in the UK basically because of the way they treat the ‘underdogs’. I really do not like those shows but… now you’ve gone and messed up my rep man!!! LOL

What was it like? You got right through to the final right?I made it to the Top 10 on Season 4 of America’s Got Talent. It was a roller coaster of emotions. There was a lot of waiting and rehearsals but I got to meet some really cool people.

7620_101756103173140_100000162519169_48239_7129456_nI saw a few of your appearances on Youtube covering The Fray and The Pretenders; both awesome songs! Do you get to choose those songs and which of all the covers you performed on AGT do you like the most?

Thank you. You do not have a lot of say in which songs you perform. It is mainly up to the producers of the show.

What has happened since the shows finished have you had an enormous response? (Like we think you should have!!)

I have had a couple of opportunities that have come as a direct result of the show but mostly I have just continued trying to be the best singer/songwriter that I can be.

I read you spent some years in England as a child how did you come to be over here and please come back!!!

I spent several years in the UK as a kid because of my father’s work.

So are you signed and ready to take the world by storm?

I am not signed to a label. I am still working hard to put out good music and hope that it speaks for itself. We are all hoping for out big chance but the reality is that there are a lot of very talented musicians out there.

Have you had much response from this side of the pond?

I have some really great fans from the UK.

What will it take to get you touring over here? (Well do anything to help that happen!!!)

I would love to be able to someday perform in the UK. As with all artists, it takes resources and the fans making their voices heard.

Anything else youd like to add?

Thank you very much for this interview. I hope that people will check out my music on my website

Thank YOU Drew for taking the time to do an interview for us. We hope you do get over to the UK sometime soon and anything we can do to help make that happen we certainly WILL!
Everyone go check out Drew’s website and youtube and facebook and EVERYTHING because his music is awesome and he’s a bloody nice bloke aswell! ! 🙂
Haha thanks Drew!

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