MEGADETH Guitarist On ‘TH1RT3EN’: ‘Each Song Is Different And Each Is Saying Its Own Thing’

Dana Feldman ofBeatweek magazine recently conducted an interview withMEGADETH guitaristChris Broderick. A couple of excerpts from the chats follow below.

Beatweek: I read that you started playing guitar at the age of eleven and that you practiced for fourteen hours a day during the summers as a teen. That’s quite a strict daily routine for a kid. Did you always know that guitar was what you wanted to do for a career?

Broderick: Yes. As soon as I found the guitar I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I didn’t realize the potential of studying guitar and I actually almost dropped out of high school to study it full-time. Then I realized that I could study it in college, as well.

Beatweek: I also read that you earned a degree in Classical Guitar Music Performance at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music. Performing music has truly been your life’s work. Was there ever a time that you thought that you might have to do something else?

Broderick: Yes. Throughout my guitar-playing career there were times that it just wasn’t paying the bills and I thought that I’d have to go back to school to study something else. I had actually just enrolled to go and get a degree in Psychology when I got the call to joinJAG PANZER. Believe it or not, I almost turned them down, but then thought college will always be here if it doesn’t work out.

Beatweek: You have been credited with playing guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals, as well as playing both the violin and the piano. Would you say that you are best on the guitar which is why you have made a career of it, or did you choose this route as it was always your favorite?

Broderick: I chose the guitar because I was always into metal growing up and I loved the guitar; it can be super angry or beautiful. There are so many different personalities to it and that was what really drew me to it. There is something to love about all of these instruments, I love playing music. But, I would say that the guitar is the most diverse.

Beatweek:Dave Mustaine recently said in an online interview withRolling Stone of the new album,“TH1RT3EN”, which is amazing by the way, that the title came in part because he was born on September 13th as well as the fact that this is the band’s 13th album. Does the title mean anything to you personally? What’s the main message of the album as you see it?

Broderick: No, I mean I think the number 13 is cool as far as the mystique behind it, but in truth, I don’t attach any personal meaning to it. As far as the album, it is really diverse. Each song is different and each is saying its own thing. I view this album as a compilation as if we pulled a song from each ofMEGADETH‘s prior albums. This is why I really like this one.

Beatweek: I personally like tracks 6 and 11 the best,“Never Dead” and“Millennium Of The Blind”, respectively. Do you have a personal favorite?

Broderick:“Sudden Death” is my favorite on this one. The solos were a nice challenge to have to pull off well. When you write a song, you have to become a part of it yourself, so I feel strongly with the album as a whole.

Read the entire interview fromBeatweek magazine.

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